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11. Maxx1234 : My name is Kenneth Michael Desmond. This wasmy name at birth.I was born Jan 30 1966 at the Grace Maternity Hospital. I( Bi racial Blue eyes) I have a brother also who was given up for adoption in 193‚ or 1965. My grandfather was of African descent & my grandmother Caucasian. I was given up for adoption at birth (1966 Halifax) Would like to connect with any family members. Call Ken

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12. ThomasBH : Biological father´s name Gunnar from Norway. Seaman/fisherman worked in St. Johns area Newfoundland. Mother´s name unknown. Se picture of biological father in my profile pic. Possible biological mother in picture with him (uncertain). On back of the picture is written "Borgen" and September 1976. If you have any info‚ please contact me.

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13. Angelalandry66 : Hello‚ This is a child from my Mother and Father who are both deceased now. They were very young when my Mother became pregnant and they were forced to give her up for adoption. I am thinking my Mother may have stayed at the Good Shepherd convent and the baby was possibly born at the Grace Maternity hospital. My mothers name was Virginia Janet Chandler born 29th June 1940‚ and my Father was Arthur Warren Peter Landry born 24th Sept 1941. They were married 25th Feb 1960. I don’t know the exact month of birth but I had to fill in that blank. You can contact me anytime. Thank you! Angela Landry

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14. Canadian902 : im looking for dawson michael bristol he was born feb 26th 2000 in the south shore reginal hospital in bridgewater ns ... last name has been changed but first name stayed the same

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15. Judiwinchester : I had no choice in giving up my Son..I was young‚ A part of me is missing! I would love to have the chance to meet him & Hope He would like to find me.He was born on October 6 1980 at the Digby Regional Hospital in Digby Nova Scotia‚ I named him Greg allen Winchester..I just want to feel complete knowing he is living a Great life <3

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