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6. Charlotiiaaxo : I’m looking for my TWIN sisters Mixed raced twins.. Born in September 1997 I beleive At birth you were named Delecia and Nikita I honk your names have been changed after Adoption Please contact me if you think that it’s you

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7. MMDodgson : Mother Susan A dodgson 25/11/1959 Christina Dodgson 14/16th October 1980 Lancashire

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8. KerrieG : My name is Patricia Looking for a sibling named Sheila Anne Margaret Sharpe born 8th March 1951 in Nottingham.

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9. Natashamonte37 : Miliania was born at city hospital nottingham her birth parents was ryan monte And hayley monte preciously named maher miliania has a 3 sister younger than her and 2 older brothers called joshua and thomas last name davis who live in the clifton area im your auntie tasha mailiana i will not stop till i find you baby girl my heart is broken you was a massive part of mine and your cousin tyelan life from the very first day ypu was born you was always tasha baby girl please get in contact i live in Nottingham i will never stop fighting to see you xxx

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10. Katie198445 : My little girl was adopted in 2007 with 4 other siblings my girls name is Megan Louise last name was Wright she as a sister called Amie 3 brothers called Declan Daniel and Damian last I knew they was in Lincoln and adopted mum was called Caroline dad was called Carl u will be 20 this year Megan I am your mum plz contact me.

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