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11. ThomasBH : Biological father´s name Gunnar from Norway. Seaman/fisherman worked in St. Johns area Newfoundland. Mother´s name unknown. Se picture of biological father in my profile pic. Possible biological mother in picture with him (uncertain). On back of the picture is written "Borgen" and September 1976. If you have any info‚ please contact me.

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12. Nicolecroft12 : Hi name is Nicole Croft‚ my birth name was Loraine young‚ born in Stephenville newfoundland in 1972. Birth mothers name was Daphnee Young and my birth fathers name was Ronald Alexander (as far as I know‚ my sister has found our biological mother but she died shortly after contact and we were unable to get any information regarding my fathers where abouts) my sister and I are said to have the same mother but different fathers. we were taken from the home when I was 2 years old‚ placed in foster care for about 2 years and as I remember the first time I was adopted was when I was 4 years old‚ 1976. if you have any information‚ please contact me.

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13. JohnMullowney6666 : Hi/Bonjour Jackoline‚ The first and last time I hear ffrom you was around 2000. I was in my last year at Mount Allison University and my adoptive mom was dying of cancer. You finding me was too much to handle. I have thought of you almos every day for the past 22 years. I am only asking tat if you are still interested in finding me I live in Vanciuver and work a a psychologist. I am also thransgendered. yep‚ im yoour sister now I also send a pic. I would like to talk at least aybe even meet. I hope you are ok.

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14. Ordinjesslien : I was adopted at the grace hospital when i was two weeks ago birth name was trevor belbin my mothers name was mary and said to have dark hair my father left his name blank please help i am 53 tears years and would like to find out more about my biological parent(s) and siblings and possible medical history some of my relatives may have grown in a small town called new chelsea dateline late 60-s early 70s any direction names contacts info would be a life changing experience but completely confidential thank you ordin jess lien please contact me

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