New South Wales Adoption Reunion Registry is proud to offer a country-wide Adoption Reunion Registry for Australia where you can meet by mutual consent whether you've accessed your adoption records or not. From Perth to Brisbane and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on! In New South Wales adult adoptees (18 and over) are able to access identifying information from the government, unless a veto preventing access has been submitted.

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41. KBParnell : Looking for Jean Elizabeth Price‚ born 1/16/1946 In or near London‚ Mother Irene Price‚ Father WWII‚ army veteran. You have a half brother in Texas‚ who so wants to meet you. Thank you.

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42. Vivienm : Hi, I would love to know about my brother Neville Kevin Smeal. He was taken off Mum as a toddler I think from the welfare dept. We did visit him once in Mittagong at a home there when he was about 5. Mum signed the adoption papers to "give him a better life than we had". Even my Aunts and cousins ask after him. I miss him so much and have never forgotten him. Please help me learn what happened and if he is still alive. He was a twin but he unfortunately was declared deceased dating back to 1990 after our Mum died. Thank you and hoping to hear from you Vivien Marscham (nee Smeal)

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43. Andrewbuckingham : Birth mother’s name Eileen Daphne Buckingham, 23 at time of adoption. Later nursed in North Ryde 1972. Please contact Andrew your son and daughter in law Margaretha. Really want to know you and your story.

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44. Loulala : Hi my name is LOUISE JACOBSON Daughter of MERILYN JOY WANN 23/02/53 My mother Merilyn Moved into Crown st Womans Hospital in 1971 to give birth and Adopt the baby at birth. MERILYN had a baby girl she called her LISA MARIE. As soon as baby was born the baby was taken away to be with the Adoptive parents. I would really love to meet this girl and would love to put the pieces of my life together. Thank you hope to hear back from you.x

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45. Christophertsharp : Hi I’m Christopher sharp looking for my lost daughter Hollie smith Only saw her when born day And never saw again Mothers name Meriden smith Hollie born royal north Sydney hospital apron 1991 My dob 9.5.56 I’m not a On any birth certificate

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