New South Wales Adoption Reunion Registry is proud to offer a country-wide Adoption Reunion Registry for Australia where you can meet by mutual consent whether you've accessed your adoption records or not. From Perth to Brisbane and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on! In New South Wales adult adoptees (18 and over) are able to access identifying information from the government, unless a veto preventing access has been submitted.

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6. Clggls : DOB 7th September 1964 @ Crown St Womens Hospital Sydney. Looking for baby Linda (birth name, which may have changed) Mothers maiden name Elsie Florence Shaw DOB 23rd February 1941. I am your half sister keen to meet you! Hope you feel the same!

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7. Taylor9 : Hi, looking for my brother Lionel John born 2 /9/1972 @Annandale private hospital, NSW ,Australia. Name could be different . Desperately want to find you . Your Sister

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8. Charlie2780 : I was born @ Lithgow hospital on 19.08.1968.Birth mother was Joan Elisabeth Keating(deceased).Birth father was Rodney O’brien.I have no information about him other than he was approx. 28 years old, possibly came from or spent time in Glen Inness , NSW during the 1960’s and later and maybe went to New Guinea around that time also.

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9. Mactheknife : Hi‚ My name is Ron McDougall‚ (known as Mac). I was born in Sydney‚ (at the Women’s Hospital‚ Crown Street‚ Sydney)‚ on the 12th of June‚ 1969. I was adopted out to a childless couple straight after birth. I would really like to hear from any relatives of mine‚ (mother‚ father‚ or any possible siblings). I am currently living in Townsville. I look forward to hearing from you Mac

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10. Gennyherb : I am keen to locate my birth family, I was born 15 May 1959 at 11.25am King George V Hospital Sydney. My adoption was arranged privately. My mother’s maiden name was Lahaxe.

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