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Were you born in New Hampshire? Or are you searching for somone born in New Hampshire? is proud to offer a New Hampshire state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches. From Manchester to Pittsburgh and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on! Adult adoptees born in New Hampshire can obtain a non-certified copy of their original birth certificate from NH Vital Records Administration via written or in person request. If a birth parent has filled out a contact preference form and medical history form and filed them with NH Vital Records Administration, those forms can also be obtained by contacting NH Vital Records.

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4. OlgaHunt : Searching for brother given up at birth but never adopted. Born 1959 in NY. I think he was born in long island. Our mother’s name was Argle.Hunt. I am his baby sister and my name is Olga Hunt. I currently live in Louisville‚ KY.

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5. Lofrasier : i am looking for my son kenneth slater he is now about 37 years old i am his birth mother Shirley ann slater if any one have seem him please get in touch with me. i live in England Arkansas

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6. 2778 : Looking for my son for 30 years‚ read The Charlotte Observer online 2/4/2012‚ A Mother’s Endless Search a story on looking for her long lost son for 30 years‚ please help us‚ God Bless all Who Reads This‚.

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