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Were you born in Michigan? Or are you searching for someone born in Michigan? Adopted.com is proud to offer a Michigan state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches. From Detroit to Traverse City and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on Adopted.com! Adult adoptees born in Michigan may receive access to a copy of their original birth certificate upon request when accompanied by a copy of a central adoption registry clearance reply form, or by court order. 

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4. RuthannePena : Searching for siblings born in Wayne County‚ Detroit Michigan. To parents Margret McMenemy (Irish) and Joseph Pena (Mexican). Some were adopted into same families. Birth names are Christina Mcmenemy born 2/2/1952 Now Tina Hayden. David Pena born 12/11/1954 now Thomas Hayden‚ Adopted to a family ion Lincoln Park Mi. Barbara McMenemy born 4/1948‚ Theresa Mary Pena born 8/29/1963‚ Adopted to a family in Southgate Mi. We have met many already and you may not know others existed. And some of us also grew up in same adopted family. We know Christina and thomas were adopted to a family in Lincoln Park Michigan their adopted mother had TBand was of Mexican decent also.. Our search finds nothing they must have moved in the early 1950’s. Other siblings are Thomas McMenemy born 1946‚ Ruthanne Pena born 1953‚ Joseph Pena born 5/18/1955‚ Maria Pena born 6/4/1957‚ Evelyn Pena born 2/10/1959‚ Larry Pena born 11/30/1960. Please contact Ruthann Pena born 9/26/1953 now Susan

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5. Jympmw : I am searching for my nephew born in Oakland County Michigan by Debbie Wells Jan.Feb of March of1971 who has contacted the Monroe County Court twice 1992‚2000 searching for birth family. I am his aunt. Janice

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6. DawnWilliams : I am looking for my birth son. The name I gave him at birth was Ryan Michael Klee. He was born on October 19th 1981 at providence hospital in Southfield Michigan. Ryan if you are out there please contact me. You are always on my mind and in my heart!

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