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Were you born in Louisiana? Or are you searching for someone born in Louisiana? Adopted.com is proud to offer a Louisiana state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches. From New Orleans to Shreveport and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on Adopted.com! Louisiana’s adoption records are confidential and are sealed. The original birth certificate of an adoptee becomes confidential and a new birth certificate is created at the time a person is adopted. Those who wish to obtain their original, sealed birth certificate can only do so through a court order.

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13. Birthmother_sea : Searching For: Adoptee Adoptee Birth Date: September-17-1987 Adoptee Gender: Male Adoptee Birth Race: Caucasian Name given to Adoptee by Birth Parent: Jonathan Eric Daspit Adoptee Birth City: Baton Rouge Adoptee Birth County: East Baton Rouge Parish Adoptee Birth State: Louisiana Adoptee Birth Country: United States Adoptee Birth Mothers Name: Elizabeth Ann Faulk Adoptee Birth Mothers Maiden Name: Daspit Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Caucasian Adoptee Birth Fathers Name: (not on birth certificate) Raymond Anthony Guillotte Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Caucasian Adoptee Birth Hospital: Woman’s Baton Rouge Adoption Agency or Attorney: Gail House Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Birth Name given to Adoptee by Adoptive Parents: ? City adoption took place: ? County adoption took place: ? State adoption took place: Louisiana Country Adoption took place: United States Adoptive Mothers Name: ? Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name: ? Adoptive Fathers Name: ?

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14. Bmf4960 : I am looking for my birth parents. I have adopted my own son. Now that he is asking questions it has inspired me to get answers about my birth parents. I was born in Lafayette‚ La. in Dec. 4 1965. I hope that the decision for my birth mother was a good decision and allowed her to move on with her life. I am just wanting to know what ever she is willing to share. I am really looking for more medical information also. After not being able to have children and adopting my own child‚ I realize how difficult it must have been to make that ultimate decision and I am so grateful for the decision that my birth mother made. We adopted my son after he was in CHild Protective services and a mother that was not able to make that decision in the best interest of the child. The courts had to make it and remove him. Anyone that knows of information from that time please let me know. I am not wanting to disrupt anyone’s family that has moved on‚ but just an opportunity to talk and ask some questioons on a very private level. I do know that my birth mother was catholic and in high school and my birth father was Assembly of God and in High school in Lafayette‚ La. It was through Catholic Charities. Thanks for anyone that can help!

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15. Poppyshebabytboy : I want to find my child born jan/02/1981 at sellers baptist home‚in new orleans‚la. His name was bill mcdowell at birth‚ but im sure it was changed . maybe lives in s.w. region of USA. DONT REALLY KNOW!. iF YOU THINK THIS IS YOU‚contact me. I live in okc‚ok and have for over 20years. I am married to rob and we would love to talk to you. I love you and i would love to see you and make up for all those years. Your biological mother susan kohl mcdowell

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