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16. Julie-smith : My birth Name is Julie Sandra Smith, My birth dad would visit each week from the age of 2 till 16. My mother’s name is Joyce Mary Smith. My fathers name is Edmond Charles Smith. I was born in Liverpool L6.

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17. Lisaellenmartin19761 : I am Lisa Ellen martin birth mother of jade jasmine martin. My surname was Lisa Ellen judge at birth ,me and my daughter jade, were both born in Preston lancashire. My date and year of birth is the 27th of June 1976, I was born at the sharoe green hospital in Preston Lancashire. Jade jasmine martin my daughter was born at the sharoe green maternity unit at the royal Preston hospital on the 10th of may 2013. I now live in Blackburn Lancashire in the mill hill area my address is 5 woodfield close mill hill Blackburn and all this information to go on to file for jades benefit when she is 18 so she can find me. Thankyou so much.

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18. Staceynemo12 : My name is Stacey thistleton.... I am the birth mother of the child / man now I’m looking to for u gave birth to a boy yrs ago at Blackpool Victoria hospital in Blackpool lancs . I think about 2002 he was taken in to care and eventually he was adopted and I’ve heard nothing since now he grown up I want to find him all I no is that he kept his first and middle name Jordon lee...but the adopted parents changed his last name to there s and I don’t know wot that is the social worker at the time of adoption was called Mandy cross.. Based at Blackpool social services.. South king street ..Blackpool ..

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19. FYR20 : I am searching for the birth mother of a Pamela Gay Williams born 17 - MAR 1957 (UK). In 1993 Pamela’s daughter was told that Pamela’s parents (her grandparents) are NOT her birth family and that her birth mother is a Beryl Smith from Birkenhead. If you have any information at all no matter how insignificant please contact me

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20. MMDodgson : Mother Susan A dodgson 25/11/1959 Christina Dodgson 14/16th October 1980 Lancashire

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21. MMDodgson : Christina dodgson 14/16th Oct 1980 Blackpool Susan A Dodgson 25/11/1959

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22. Karenpotter66 : Searching for my brother he was named at birth David Gyynston Airey. Birth mother maiden name is Nicolette Airey. His adoption took place Morecambe & Haysham Courts I can be contacted

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23. Auntytilly : Aunty Tylisha aka Aunty Tilly is looking for you. Faith Edwards 06/03/2012. Changed their name to Zack in maybe 2022/23 but now goes by the name of Sam (non-binary) and has recently moved to what could be a country house/farm. Adopted to Al and Jo.No further information was given about the adopters. You were born to Chantelle Edwards in Preston‚ Lancashire and adopted at about 4 years old‚ Chantelle died in October 2016. I would love any information that could lead to contact being made.

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