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Were you born in Iowa? Or are you searching for someone born in Iowa? is proud to offer an Iowa state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent without having to open records. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches. From Dubuque to Sioux City and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on! The State of Iowa sealed adoption records on July 4, 1941. Adoption records are sealed and can only be opened by court order except if the adoption was finalized prior to July 4, 1941 in which case the adoption was not required to be sealed. Adult adoptees in Iowa may receive medical and developmental family history provided the names of birth parents are not released. They may also petition the court to open their sealed record and reveal information for “good cause.”

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16. OlgaHunt : Searching for brother given up at birth but never adopted. Born 1959 in NY. I think he was born in long island. Our mother’s name was Argle.Hunt. I am his baby sister and my name is Olga Hunt. I currently live in Louisville‚ KY.

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17. Anna1995 : i am looking for all four of my birth children their names at birth was anna hernandez dob is 07-26-1995 oscar bud hernandez dob is 05-04-1997 armando aguilar jr dob 09-29-1999 and adriana lynn aguilar dob is 01-06-2001 they were adopted in approximateley in 2008-2009 i have not seen them since then and i am their bilogical mother this adoption took place in the state of iowa in des moines my name is tamara lynn aguilar i need to locate my children i have been searching for the last 3 years and i am desperate please help me my heart goes out to you and all the familes

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18. LISACARLSON : I found the following posted on a site called (Query #124476) Date Posted: 08-JAN-2007 Surname(s): KINTNER Query Text: I am looking for my birthmother and brother. I was born October 8‚ 1967 at Des Moines General Hospital. I was told that my birthfather was killed in the Viet Nam war. I am looking for them for health reasons. I don’t wish to disrupt anyone’s life. Associated Regions: United States> Iowa> Polk County I replied to this post over a year ago‚ through anonymous email offered on the site‚ and I was offering possible information for the person who posted this‚ but I never got a reply or response after from them at all. At the time of my reply‚ the post was already almost three years old. The post is still on the site today. I have not found any other similar posts anywhere I’ve searched. I would like to find the person who posted it. I think they are possibly my sibling.

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