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Greater Manchester Adoption Reunion Registry connects adoptees with their loved ones in Greater Manchester, England. We are a country-wide adoption reunion registry for England and the largest adoption registry in the world. If you’re looking to reunite with a loved one in Greater Manchester, simply complete our form in moments and potentially match immediately with a child, parent, or sibling. reunites families by mutual consent, without the requirement to access adoption records. It is simple, fast, and easy. And with our NameSearch and DNA features, your chances of making a connection in Greater Manchester are even better. Try now.

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10. Kezancarl79 : I am looking for my brother born Michael Anthony James Cundle. Born 21/06/1982. He was adopted in Aug/Sep 1982. He was born with 6 fingers on each hand. And 6 toes on each foot. Both operated on at approximately 6 week old. The last time he was seen by the family was he was taken to NSPCC unit at Longsight. We were told he was adopted to a doctor and a nurse from Pendlebury hospital.

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11. Hippybeaux : I am looking for the birth mother of Philip Anthony Roberts, born "Peter Briggs" on 10th December 1957, on behalf of my stepbrother. He was adopted at a few weeks old to a married couple who moved to Pudsey, in Leeds. We believe his birth mother was a school teacher at the time, working in the Manchester area. His birth father was possibly a scrap metal merchant. Any information would be gratefully received! Thank you.

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12. Megan160804 : Insta, Megan.pattinson 07856272258

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