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11. Kezancarl79 : I am looking for my brother born Michael Anthony James Cundle. Born 21/06/1982. He was adopted in Aug/Sep 1982. He was born with 6 fingers on each hand. And 6 toes on each foot. Both operated on at approximately 6 week old. The last time he was seen by the family was he was taken to NSPCC unit at Longsight. We were told he was adopted to a doctor and a nurse from Pendlebury hospital.

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12. Hippybeaux : I am looking for the birth mother of Philip Anthony Roberts, born "Peter Briggs" on 10th December 1957, on behalf of my stepbrother. He was adopted at a few weeks old to a married couple who moved to Pudsey, in Leeds. We believe his birth mother was a school teacher at the time, working in the Manchester area. His birth father was possibly a scrap metal merchant. Any information would be gratefully received! Thank you.

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13. Megan160804 : Insta, Megan.pattinson 07856272258

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14. MMDodgson : Mother Susan A dodgson 25/11/1959 Christina Dodgson 14/16th October 1980 Lancashire

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15. Michaelphilbown : My name was Michael Perkins‚ changed to Philip Bown after my adoption. My birth mothers name was Heather Perkins and my fathers name Raymond Gaynor. My mother lived at White Moss Avenue‚ Chorlton-cum-hardy‚ Manchester. It is thought my birth mother was born 13/08/1943 at Boundry Park Hospital‚ Oldham. My father Owned or managed Chorlton cars‚ Station Rd‚ Chorlton-Cum-Hardy in the 1960s. My adoptive parents were George & Audrey Bown of 130 Green St‚ Middleton. My adoption was handled through City of Manchester childrens department‚ 29 John Dalton Street‚ Manchester.

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