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31. Rng105 : Birth name: cashmore. My father was born in Queen Charlotte’s hospital, London in July 1958 and was then adopted. I’m interested in finding out more about his birth parents.

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32. Josiphine : My half sister born in a maternity home in Middlesborough on birth cert name josiphine moverley born 22nd Dec 1947.I would like to try find her. Our mum’s name time of birth Joan therese moverley. Let me know if you need any more information. I want to find her we just found out mum had a baby adopted.

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33. LisaNicolaCollins : I am only looking for my birth father John Williamson who was 21 years old at my birth in 1970. He was at the time a Private in the Queens Hussars. He is 5ft 8” tall, green eyes and black hair. He has one sister and his dad worked in a car factory. Birth Mother: Catherine Synnott from Coventry.

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34. Joelyking : Birth name David Roper‚ born in London/middlesex in 1965 to a white mother (jean roper) indian father (mewa singh nagi) a teen pregnancy. Please contact me‚ I am your your younger sister you never knew about!

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35. Sallena : I am looking for my foster brother Darren Maida Layne. His surname may have changed. He was adopted at the age of 5 by a family in Harrow. He is black and I am asian. He was adopted in to a black family and my was fostered by my family for 4 years between 1988 to around 1992. I still miss him dearly as he was the only brother I had and I was devastated when he was taken away and never got over it. I live in Tooting the original home I lived in with Darren and my parents Padma and Altaf shah. Darren would about 35 now.

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36. Esmart : Homerton hospital I think Dad name Andrew disbrey

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37. Mary-Dee : Hello‚ I am looking for my nephew. Birth name Adam John Anderson‚ Birth place Barnet‚ Greater London‚ England. My name is Mary-Dee Thompson and me and my mum would absolutely love to see you again. If you do see this please get in touch

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38. Ell3 : I’m helping my mother search for her birth parents. She was born as Karen Louise Deane on January 10th 1974 in what was Enfield hospital‚ Middlesex (currently Greater London) She was very small when she was born (potentially premature) and was placed up for adoption through a Christian Adoption Center for Unmarried Women. She was adopted shortly afterwards but unsure of exactly when. We have been told her Birth Mother was 16. Please make contact if you know anything. Thank you

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