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Were you born in Arkansas? Or are you searching for someone born in Arkansas? is proud to offer an Arkansas state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent whether you've accessed your adoption records or not. We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches.  From Little Rock to Fayetteville and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on! Those who wish to obtain their birth and adoption records from Arkansas, including an original birth certificate, can only do so through a court order.  Access to non-identifying information is available to adult adoptees and certain relatives of the adoptee.

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91. Brittany33 : Trying to find my son‚ he was born June 14‚ 2006 at Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton Arkansas. The Dr that helped me deliver him was Dr John Baka. I was only 15 yrs old when I had him‚ his birth name was Payton Kye Abbott. I had him the first 4 yrs of his life‚ I was a single mother. I was still a child trying to raise a child all by myself. I did the best I could but it obviously wasn’t good enough for DHS. The Department of Human Services in Saline Co "Benton Arkansas" took him from me at the age of 4. He was such a Happy Boy & had everything he needed & even wanted. I guess u could say he was way to spoiled. He was NEVER abused or neglected in anyway whatsoever. But the Caseworker that had been assigned to me was always very rude towards me‚ from the first day she met me it was obvious that she didn’t like me & did everything she could to make me look like a bad parent & even did the least she could to help me in anyway. When DHS removes any child from their parents the main goal is supposed to b reunification‚ but in my case all she wanted & accomplished was to terminate my parental rights. My life hasn’t been the same since. I struggle with major depression‚ birthdays & holidays r the worst. He’s fixing to b 18 before to long & there isn’t a single day that I don’t think about or miss him. I pray every night for his safety‚ health‚ & that he hasn’t forgotten me & that when the time comes & he’s old enough that he’ll look for me. When they terminated my rights he supposedly was adopted so their for I know that his last namé has changed‚ I wouldn’t b surprised if they didn’t change his first name as well. But the last info I was given about him was that he supposedly lived in Bryant Arkansas with his foster parents & went to Bryant Elementary School‚ and that was over 10 yrs ago so God only knows where or who he’s with now. He also has a younger brother & sister that r supposedly with him if the system hasn’t separated them & split them apart. His brothers name was Christian McCollum & sisters name was Gracie Manuel I pray to God that him and his brother and sister wasn’t separated and that they’re still together. Please if anybody has any info or any knowledge of them please contact me, my name is Brittany. Thank you and God bless

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92. BobbieJo84 : My only message is that I have been searching endlessly for my family. I was in foster care since 1988. And adopted when was a teenager. I hope someone out there has been searching for me as I have been searching for you my whole life. It’s possible that I have Twin. I’m not sure of the gender or the name as genomelink everything is private until the request is accepted. I do know he or she has tested on ancestry but found out that you can opt out to see dna matches but everything is private until the request is accepted. I do know his or her name but it shows he or she has tested on ancestry.I have my dna everywhere but 23and me. The only names 1 know of but l’m not sure if they could be my bio parents Robin Floyd Dearcos And Judy Ann McMahan also goes by Nelson. But again not entirely sure. As I have been lied to my whole life. It could be possible that i was double adopted. My name at birth might not of been Bobbie Jo Nelson but its all i have known. When i got adopted as a teen my name changed to Savanah Jo Cumming last name is now Echevarria.My Gedmatch kit number is AY7957870. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP ON ME!

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