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Were you born in Arizona? Or are you searching for someone born in Arizona? is proud to offer an Arizona state adoption reunion registry where you can meet by mutual consent whether you've accessed your adoption records or not.  From Tucson to Flagstaff and everywhere in between, if both parties want to meet then you can find each other on! We have provided a form on this page for you to check your matches. Arizona is a closed record state, meaning adoption records are confidential. While adoption records may be sealed to the public, Arizona law permits adult adoptees and certain relatives to use Confidential Intermediaries to access these records.

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121. Eyerus : Hello Dear‚ Greetings!! My name Is Dawit Chernet from Ethiopian . I have tried to mentioned as shown below child information . 1.Gender child :Girl 2.Year of child birth=April‚2005. 3.Birth name of child=Mahlet Zinabu 4.Age child entered care center=9 Months . 5.year child entered care center=Dec‚2006. Background of information The mother of child was stressed after her birth of MAHLET ZINABU as economic problems then she gave her child Godanaw Care center campus.however‚Eyerus Chernet has no PHOTO .For a while‚ she didn’t as about the child. But after some period of time she went to Godanaw and asked for information about her child but unfortunately the care center Godanaw rehabilitation center was closed .she didn’t know any information about her child but she is expecting her child was adopted because of most of child found in GRIP were adopted outside of the country. Her mother doesn’t have any information about where her child is adopted or through what agency the child was adopted or when her child is adopted . Please contact me. Dawit Chernet/

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122. BobbieJo84 : My only message is that I have been searching endlessly for my family. I was in foster care since 1988. And adopted when was a teenager. I hope someone out there has been searching for me as I have been searching for you my whole life. It’s possible that I have Twin. I’m not sure of the gender or the name as genomelink everything is private until the request is accepted. I do know he or she has tested on ancestry but found out that you can opt out to see dna matches but everything is private until the request is accepted. I do know his or her name but it shows he or she has tested on ancestry.I have my dna everywhere but 23and me. The only names 1 know of but l’m not sure if they could be my bio parents Robin Floyd Dearcos And Judy Ann McMahan also goes by Nelson. But again not entirely sure. As I have been lied to my whole life. It could be possible that i was double adopted. My name at birth might not of been Bobbie Jo Nelson but its all i have known. When i got adopted as a teen my name changed to Savanah Jo Cumming last name is now Echevarria.My Gedmatch kit number is AY7957870. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP ON ME!

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123. CelinaG : Im looking for my 2 brothers that were adopted when they where around the ages of 3 and maybe 4. I was also young at the time of there adoption. I have 3 brothers in total but only my 2 younger brother where token from where we lived with my birth mothers aunt. Because our mother didn’t want us. Im the oldest of the 4 of us. One of my brothers name is Joseph and he was born 10/9/1988 i don’t remember what the year is. Im sure it was around 1988 or 1989. Then my other brother who was the youngest of us his name is Jesus and he was born about a year after my other brother he was born in October 10th I don’t remember if it was 1989 or 1990. They were both token bye cps from our aunt. Thfn about a year later my brother and myself were token too. Because my aunt was a herion addict. My brother and myself went to foster home and we were able to see our brother about 3 times at the most. My birth mother never fought for us. She went to our visit about once that I can remember. My brother and myself gotten token away in like 1990 so my 2 youngest brothers where token like in 1989 give or take. So after the visit we were able to have with my 2 brother. The family they were living with decided to adopt them both and didn’t allow us to visit with our brothers anymore. And we were told bye our cps worker Alma Morales that both my brothers would be adopted bye the same family. She stated that the mother was a nurse I think if I remember right and the dad was a doctor. And we never seen out brothers again. Since the last visit we had. So if your reading this Joseph Ocon born October 10 1988 give or take. And umy other brother Jesus born October 10 1989 give or take also. You both were raised in the same home. And Joseph your light skinned but Hispanic and Jesus you got a little more color on u. Plz reach out to me. Im your biological sister my name is Celina Garibaldi(Quintero) my maiden name is quintero and our birth mother her name is Christina Quintero dob 7-9-1965. So im looking for my 2 youngest brother that I’ve been trying to find since I was of age and knew more then when everything first happened. So if your reading this and you think that this could be either of my q brothers (Joseph or Jesus) plz plz rech out to me. I would really like to meet you and have you in mine and our brother life. I would love to know who u are and would be forever grateful to have you in our lives. So if you think that this matches u or u think it kinda sounds like your lives plz reach out to me and we can figure everything out. So if ur name is either Joseph Ocon born 10/9/1988 give or take the year. And if u think ur my other brother Jesus Ocon or Garcia born 10/10/1989 give or take the year and where adopted together wen u guys were little plz look for me on fb. I pray to God that he hears my crys for me to finally meet my brothers before its to late. Thank you again

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