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16. Gotbeer : I am looking for information on my birth parents. I realise that at the time of my birth that they had no other option. and I‚m not mad... I am a father now and just want and need closer on it and maby have sompthing else in my life. All I have been told is I was born Aug 5 1972 at the Grace hospital in calgary Alberta Canada. My name was James or James Van? My mother was 16 and danish‚ and my father was in his 30‚s and danish as well. Please help.

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17. RumRugby : I would like to find my mother’s birth family and/or extended family. My mother was born on June 27th 1960 in Edmonton‚ Alberta‚ Canada. Apparently her mother got pregnant out of wedlock and was sent to Edmonton from Winnipeg‚ Manitoba. Her mother was approximately 22-25 when my mom was born‚ she had the last name of Keith and her family was in the oil or lumber industry in Winnipeg. Her father apparently was a truck driver or in the transportation industry. Her birth name was Suzette Keith‚ her adoptive name ended up being Susan. Any information would be greatly appretiated.

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18. Nihidariashi : I am looking for birth family. My name is douglas russel smith. I was born at edmonton university hospital. my mothers name at the time of my birth was louise smith. I believe‚ although am not certain that her middle name is mary. Apparently I have siblings that were born to her before me. After? She may have worked and lived near slave lake as a nurses aid. Thanks for any and all help you may extend me. I should add. I was never adopted. But remained in foster care until I was 14.

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19. Nihidariashi : I am looking for my siblings that were born to my mother Louise Smith. My name is Douglas Russel Smith. I was born july 22 1964. I was given or taken by social services around my second birthday. I was born at the University hospital in Edmonton. I look forward to any and all information that you may extend me Thanks Doug

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20. Msydney : Hello. My name is Meghan Sydney. I was born in Lethbridge Alberta. November 7 1987. My birth name was Nicole lynn Clayton. My birthfamily was/is from Coalhurst Alberta. Please if there is any information on my birthfamily pkease contact me!

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