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31. CindyLouJeske77 : Her name at Birth was Amber Jeske. She was born at the University Hospital in Edmonton‚ Alberta. On April 19‚ 1977. This was an open adoption. Around 2003 her boyfriend contacted my father in Yellowknife NT. A voice message was left on my fathers answering machine. A phone number was left but only area code the rest of the number was cut off. The area code was around Kitchener Waterloo In Ontario. The boyfriend left her name and birthdate and where she was born and said she was looking for her birth mother Cindy Jeske.

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32. Simonalkathy : Hello! 🙋‍♀ï¸� I am looking for a male who was adopted‚ he knows Sharon Simon is his biological mother‚ but he needs to contact Al Simon…or Kathy Simon… I know years ago he contacted Sharon Simon‚ but the person that answered the phone hung up!😱. Please contact myself.. I am really not sure of birth month.

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33. MichaelStrawson87 : Hi my name is michael Strawson. my father will not let me find out who his parents are. He had cancer and i just had a child. I would like to find out history and mayb who they are. My fathers name now is Darren Eldred Strawson.

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34. Leahross280 : Alberta social services and community health. Adopted persons name: Jeremy Lee. Born in Calgary, Alberta.

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35. Chapman8501 : adopted in edmonton alberta canada , birth mother name cheryl dole birth father dennis robert chapman i am sibling

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36. Billyfredickmorgan19 : I’m Cory William Hales looking for my birth mother I believe her name is Francis Patricia Morgan. My name was changed when adopted Billy Fredick Morgan Contact me

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37. Roxyroller87 : Love you Hunny just in case u ever need me

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38. TD8264 : Hi my. My my name is Tamara I am looking for my birth father I was born September 14th 1969 at the Foothills Hospital with my mother Gail Marene green gave birth to me she signed papers on the 19th I also stopped it within a year I’ve not met my birth mother but I have adoption papers from hospital his name as it was said was a Ronnie Irwin as I can read on the papers it might be g a i t I’m not sure it was signed by the cancer and she left that So I am searching for the right man that might be for my birth father if any of this rings a bell can you please get in contact with my daughter Natasha botbijl ,Tamara

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39. Suzannegemme : Hi I’m looking for my brothers grandson’s . Seth fortier and Silas Fortier, born January 2008 twins boys born in Calgary, parents Claude Fortier mother Jennifer Harris. please feel free to contact me, my name is Sue

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40. Carrieremington : Deklen was born deklen jahmes remington-mulder with 2 siblings a sister skylah may remington-mulder born on august 5 2007. And a brother born gordon karl robert remington-mulder born october 07 2008. All children were born in calgary alberta canada to daniel james mulder father and carrie ann remington mother. We have not seen our children since dec 11 2009 and deeply miss all 3 of you we think of you daily and look forward to reuniting with u. Also you must know that you have 2 older siblings sisters haily lorraine evans age 17 and brittnany shaelyn evans 21 both born in calgary as well. Pls if u see this contact us.

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41. Unbelievabro : I am Paul Ward‚ birth name is Paul Anthony Lalonde born october 16‚ 1980 ‚ Vermilion alberta. Looking for my father James Anthony Lalonde born july 8‚ 1960 kitchener‚ ontario

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