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Found my match ... great site ...

Customer service on here is second to none!


I was matched with my birth mother just minutes after setting up my profile. It turns out that she had been searching for me for years. It's been a joy to connect with her and the rest of my biological family.


I had 5 possible matches. I began messaging‚ and the fourth match was indeed my son. He has lived within 40 miles since the adoption. I recommend this site wholeheartedly. How wonderful and how quick. And to think I almost gave up. Stick with it! We are so happy!


I have been searching off and on for a possible biological son since 2009‚ and found him recently due to a message he left on He is extremely similar to me and my other son‚ and looks a lot like me! These past few days have been the best ever.

American Fork

This has been the most remarkable experience! I actually found my son within 24 hours of my registering on the website!

Jennet Leslie

They found my daughter after giving her up 57 years ago and oh how wonderful it is! I have wanted to find her for years but was afraid to as of being rejected. It is wonderful‚ my daughter now has 5 brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and it took less than 24 hours!


Less than 72 hours after joining I found my biological aunt and made contact with her. Found out that I have three aunts and an uncle aside from my birth mother. Also have cousins. The site made it possible for this to happen!

Lake George

I found my birth mother after 50 years‚ and found out she was looking for me all this time!  Thank you


To have found my son after 37 years is totally amazing! After the heart breaking decision to have him adopted out when I was just 17! Thankfully he has had a happy life so far and now joyfully‚ we can share the future together! Thank you so much for providing this brilliant website!

New York

5 minutes after I joined this site‚ I found my birth mother! We're going to have a grand reunion in December‚ where I will be able to meet my biological family! This site was very‚ VERY helpful!

Roger Smith

Its hard to write this with out crying. I became a member of late Sunday evening and got a match. I knew immediately that it was my daughter because she looked so much like her birth mother. By Tuesday evening I was reunited with my birth daughter. It has for ever changed my life. Thank you


After 30 years of searching for my birth son and using numerous sites‚ I came to in February and updated my search info.  In March my search was over and within a week I was holding my son in my arms. Use all your info & never give up hope! Thank you ADOPTED.COM!

Lauderdale Lakes

I signed up for this site out of curiosity. I was logging in to do a search and found my birth mother. I HAVE A BROTHER TOO!! I've visited and have come to know them as my family! 


I received a message today which confirmed I've found my birth mother! This is totally amazing! And I am more emotional and excited now than I have ever been in my life‚ I really want to thank you‚ being the founder of this amazing site‚ you have created an important tool that is changing many peoples life's for the better.

Sacramento‚ CA

I found my biological father within a few days of joining He had been looking for me my whole life. Through him‚ I located my biological mother‚ and found out that I now have a total 4 half brothers and 1 half sister. I'm having tons of fun getting to know all of them.


I am very excited to have found my half brother‚ John‚ on A great friend assisted me in finding him since recently finding out about him, and our mother having recently passed. We have since met and so grateful to have him in all of the families life!


It was really wonderful to find my birthmother using your website. I'm extremely grateful for the chance to now have contact with her and have found out I have a half sister and half brother. Thank you for your website it has truly changed my life !


THANK YOU! After 42 years I found my birthmother and had a wonderful reunion. My mother and father that I grew up with also got to meet her and her husband! I subsequently met my birth father as well.


I was on this site for literally less than 5 minutes when I came across my birth mother's profile.  After years of searching I was able to get into contact with her and my 5 siblings.  I'm very excited to see where all this leads to.  This site is amazing!


My birth son just found me‚ and a DNA check seals the deal; I am a bio-grandma! Amazing! is a game changer. Thanks for making this reunion possible.