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Records of Adoption

Things to consider for people seeking access to their Records of Adoption.

If you have been conducting an adoption search you already know it can very challenging to open adoption records.  Depending on where your adoption took place there may or may not be a program in place that manages all of the local records of adoption.  Some systems require that both parties come forward to express an interest in being reunited.  In other places adoption records are sealed until you reach a certain age, at which time you may be given only limited access.

This is where comes in.  Our system has been designed to help you bypass the need to open adoption records at all.  Additionally, registering on our site is currently free of charge.  Your search results are presented in a percentage format for your consideration.  This is a very appealing alternative to the long and sometimes expensive process of trying to open adoption records.

First consider that many adoption registries require the name of the person you are searching for.  In our experience the majority of people seeking their records of adoption do not have that information.  If they did they would not have been trying to open adoption records in the first place. 

Rather than asking for information that most birth parents searching for children or children searching for their birth family won’t have, we have a simple form with several questions.  Using the responses to your questions we are able to conduct an immediate adoption search with no wait time. 

It is our belief that now that there is one central place online for everyone to come when searching for their birth families there will be no need for anyone to attempt to open adoption records as part of their search.  We are beginning to accomplish that with a steadily growing number of profiles number more than a quarter of a million, and all of this is possible without access to any records of adoption.


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