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Adoption agency (don’t remember name) in Wyoming handled everything. My daughter was born in the only County Hospital in Cheyenne by a midwife on 04/19/1980 @ 3:03PM. I got to spend 5 min. with her before they took her away. she had lots of darkish brown hair and was totally awake and looking around for the time we spent together. I had no intention on giving her up, but I would have lost custody of my son if I did not do as my parents wished. I spent the last (3) months of my pregnancy in a home for unwed mothers in Cheyenne. I have wanted to find her for so many years. I have been physically and emotionally tied up with the terminal health of my mom (for the past 14 yrs - now passed away) and grandparents(terminal 3 yr - now have passed away) and helping my elderly father now (80 yrs) getting thru life. I only wish to meet her or talk with her if this is what she wants. I have always felt like I did not want to intrude on her life if she is happy and content. Just to wish her much happines in all her inteviors and let her know that I have prayed for her all of her life and will continue to pray for her health and happiness.

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