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Debra Marie Brown was born sept 3rd 1980 and odoption parents name is Smith. She also may go under the name of Debbie or Melissa Smith. Melissa we were to meet in new year of 2007 again....I have lost contact with you‚ your cell phone number has changed...you email address are all coming back a unknown user. I just want to know if you are alright... Last time we talked you said you were going into the hospital...I do not know which one so I could not find out what became of you....we had set up to meet again just like the two other time you were up to Canada for a visit... I have no contact info...no one I can call to ask anything about you... I just want to know if your alright... Please contact me... Lloyd North Vancouver‚ B.C. CANADA Write me...please Last known location was Spokane Washington...there was talk of you moving to Seattle...do not know if you did or not. The friend you were staying with in Spokane Karla I believe her name is Karla Schorder...? I located a address and phone number....but it seem that number was disconnected... No new number was found...or address as well... its like she to just want POOF gone.

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