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My full name is Jacob Carl Buchhop and I was adopted from an orphanage in Belgorod Dnestrovsky Ukraine. The city lies just to the south of Odessa, right on the Black Sea. My birthday is March 13,1998 and I was adopted in 2001. My adoption parents are Ron and Theresa Buchhop and I currently reside in Delta Ohio. My birth name is Vladimir Radu. My parents said I was orphaned in a very historically old part of Ukraine with many old castles/forts within close proximity to the Black Sea. I am currently 21. Finding my birth parents are important to me because I would like to know who I am, my family, my heritage, siblings, medical history etc. I have so many questions, and I have it on my bucket list to find them before they, or I die. I was also told this may, or may not be true, but I have 8 siblings. I’m not sure if I’m the 9th or if I’m included in the 8. School: Pike delta York Sr. High school Address: 8494 Co. Rd. 7-2 delta Ohio 43515

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