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My story is very strange. I am looking for my son who we didn’t give up for adoption!!!!! in serbia‚there is ’baby scandal’ ‚ over a 3000 parents suspect that their children were this case are involved doctors‚hospital personnel. staf and police. they said to me that my child was died. i wanted to see my child-they didn’t let me. i wanted to bury him-they didn’t let me. i didn’t get any certificate that the birth took place in that hospital!!! just to know‚ many of this parents have found their stolen children. Children think they were adopted or don’t know anything. So‚PLEASE anyone who was adopted 1981‚ or suspects in it-give me a call. I now have 2 more kids age 20‚21 who are also looking for their older brother.He could be in any country...probably don’t have birth certificate and adoption records or it’s fake.

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