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Hello, I m searching for my brother . It was a bogate situation i ed Yugoslavia,doctors and medical personal was solding babies and teling the parents that baby was dead,without any paper or prof. Parentz was not able to even see the baby or to make them a grave,they just kick the mother from hospital and there’s is more then 100 thousand cases like this-you can make research on google to find out more. There is many web sites ppl trying to find their siblings. I know my brother was sold 99% someone, he was born at home in village Teocak /Snijeznica BiH and he got sick when he was 3 months old, since the nearest hospital was in Lopare (closest village) from there they have send the baby to Belgrade ,J m not 100% sure which hospital but as I know there is only one which was working and taking care on babies. His name was Hasib Nukic. I have two more brothers if you need pictures to match as I believe he would look similar to one of them ,since both are different on kind way. Sory on my bad English. Thank you in advance God bless you

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