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Hi my name is Richard Main my birth name was leonardo Paun I was born on the 27/05/1990 I was adopted from Romania in Slobozia‚ Ialomita at the age of 13 months. I was Adopted by a New Zealand family on the 27/06/1991 from what I have been told is the offcial date on the papper work . Ther is alot I don’t no about my birth Mum an Dad I was told that they gave me up as they were unable to look after me ( fear enough ) as the years wen’t on I realy wonted to to find or just have a look an see were I come from how far my family tree gose. So at 16 I asked my Adopted Mum an she said I was to young an not ready find out the truth of it all when I become 20 my partner an I had a little girl on the way an as I was sitting in bed one night it hit me that I dont no anything about my family medical history or any of that sort of thing I then wen’t an asked my adopted Mum if I could have some information on my birth parrents. Well did that take some time after 2 weeks of silance she gave me both of ther names an were they were when she found them with me in Romania. I understand that my adopted mum an dad have done alot for me an i guss they felt like I was going to leave them. Any way I’am now here one step closer to finding out alot more infomation hopfully. The only details I have for my birth parents are as follows Mother’s name - Crizantema paun Fathers Name - Florin Mihai I was born in - Slobozia County of - Ialomita my D.O.B is 27/05/1990 My mum was 17 when she had me an my dad was 19 from what I have been told that would put them at 37 and 39 today 1974 an 1972 if I’am rite. I also have a 1st cousin Katie Mead I dont no her birth name but i no she was thort to be my 2nd cousin at first but is my 1st cousin she was adopted around the same time as me she was born on the 28/04/1990 by a New zealand Family from the North island in a place called gisborne on the East coast. hope this will help you in some way feel free to send me an email if the is any thing I can try an help with. Thank you an hope to hear from you soon. Kind Regaurds Richard main

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