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The baby girl was born in a home for unwed mothers in hamilton ohio- mothers name is Pamela Sue Mineer‚ Grandparents JoAnn (Cann) Bogart‚ Tommy Bogart. My name is Amy Bogart‚ I am the babys Aunt. I just found out about the baby girl‚ I would love to meet her and have her a part of our lives. She has 3 sisters‚ Dawn‚ Mindy‚ Joanna‚ all living in Cincinnati. I have also talk with them‚ they had no ideal about the baby. Pam (mother) my sister‚ passed away 6-14-06‚ that is when all came out. I think she told us so we could make a connection. If you would like to call me‚ I live in Florida. I would love to hear how your life was growning up and how it is now and have a relationship.

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