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Hi! I am looking for my biological father whom I believe is named David Wayne Raley‚ and is approximately around 45-46 years old? I was born in Cincinnati‚ Ohio at Jewish hospital‚ I still live in Cincinnati. My birthday is March 19‚ 1986 and I am 21 years old. My birth mother is Julia Howard‚ her maiden name is Coots...she is from Deer Park Ohio. I was told by her that David is from Raleigh‚ NC‚ and attended college at the University of Cincinnati. I was also told that he flew in from Florida‚ for my adoption court date and stayed with my grandmother Jewell Coots. Which was in the Hamilton county court system. My adopted father is David Howard. I just recently found all of this out‚ and my mom says that what I have wrote here‚ is all that she knows. I also feel that she may be with holding information from me! If you are out there David‚ I am trying to find you‚ but it is very hard‚ and I do want to find you and that I want you to know I am not mad or upset with you...I just want to know you‚ my real father and for you to be in my life since you have not been for so long‚ and I really dont feel that it has been entirely your fault...Please contact me! Love‚ Amber Howard and I work at "You Guys Hair Salon"

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