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my Name is Lizaan Titus(Klossie) as they call me here at the orphanage Namibia children home Eros. I still have my birth certificate and it states that after 44 days of my being born in the Katutura state hospital here in Namibia. AFTER 44 days I was discharged from prom unit to 8B not sure what that means. I do know that I was brought to the N.C.H in 94-03-21 how do I know that..? i remember there once came a man who worked for the Census company of Namibia and counted us in a houses and he had some records of us who had been living in the orphanage and I asked him he told me. I heard my Mother is Rebecca Titus birth date and place (09-05-1961) Rehoboth( small town about 80 km) from the Capital city Windhoek where I currently live in the orphanage. on my Full birth certificate there are no details of my Father. but rumor has it that my Mother was married and that she got pregnant with be and that she quickly had to get rid of me to save her marriage. The woman that raised me in the orphanage told me about it. she also said that my mother has passed on already. my time here at the orphanage is almost up I too have to leave this place because of my age I am studying at a University to become a high school teacher in the next 2 years( in my 3rd year now) . If you do get something please contact me even if you don’t find anything just let me know and thank you for having tried.

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