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My name is Kaitlyn Strout and I was born on August 2nd‚ 1986 at 7:08 AM in Leominster‚ MA. My biological mother’s name was June (Gelinas) Bergeron. She was born on June 24th‚ 1963 in Lowell‚ MA. She had been residing in Leominster‚ MA at the time of my birth. She is described as a Protestant woman of French descent with light brown hair‚ blue eyes‚ and a clear white complexion. She was about 5’4" and 150 lbs. She quit school when she was 16 to get married‚ but she earned her GED. She had been employed at factories and car auctions. At the time of my birth she had been separated from her husband for about 6 years‚ but they were not legally divorced. She had a baby girl born during her marriage‚ but the baby died at 6 weeks of age due to SIDS. Thanks.

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