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Hi, I am on here trying to find my birth mother. Here is the following info I know. I was born in Cambridge Md at the Dorchester County Hospital. I was also adopted from the dept of social services. I have a baby pic of me and in that pic is a man that appeared to be in the services, on the couch was a stuffed cat ( tacky ) but i figured someone has got to remember that cat.... there was also a bay window with light brown curtins.......and some green elephants or what have you on the coffee table. my birthday is September 27th @ 7:53 am. My last name now is Jones. If you know anything please help. I was just made aware today that there are TWO Cornish families in the cambridge area and someone has got to know something in a town so small, so If that someone is you. I appreciate the help. Be Blessed. Caronda

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