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hi‚my nameis Sleiman el houchaimi my mom left when i was 2 monthold her name is suzan abdul fattah ‚i tried hard looking for her but till now i couldnt find nothing i heard shes in Calgary long time ago ‚so i went there and i asked but nothing‚so i heard about this website they told me that u guys can find her for me and they said that this website is my only solution ‚all what i know about her that her name is suzan abdul fattah or [suzan fattah] shes almost 39 or 40 years old am not to sure and that she lives in Canada i dunno where but probably in Calgary.i wana find her so bad cuz no one knew wats a life with out a mother its so hard understand but sure if u asked someone who lived without a mother he"ll tell you how does it feel .

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