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Hello‚ a baby boy of us was taken at birth‚ on spring 1950‚ in jerusalem that was called palestine at that time‚ israel. Mother was told he is not longer alive‚ but before they put mother to a deep sleep she saw a beautifull baby boy delivered . The baby was born on spring 1950 and mother is still alive and have a big strong feeling that the baby is alive‚ live somewhere and maybe asking about his past. Lots of babies were taken ( kidnapped for adoption) at that time. We also gave d.n.a. to the israely dna bank to find lost kids. If any suspitios you have for being adopeted on spring 1950 please call me. Thank you‚ Michal Ernst. (The birth kid’s familly name is Dallal‚ jewish baby that arrived from Iraq‚ Bagdad). Thank you!

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