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My name is Carla Jean Nelson and my maiden name was Zylstra and I’m the birthmother of Travis John Zylstra and Timothy Lee Potter who was adopted out when they where very young. I’m in despert need of finding them. Travis’s DOB is: 7-31-1988 and is now 20 years old and Timothy’s DOB is: 7-12-1991 and is now 17 years old. They where adopted out in Des Moines Iowa. The Judge I had was Karla Fultz and I had a state apointed attorney. They where both adopted out by the same people I guess. They both have different Fathers also. Kenneth J. Weiland was an attorney that I had to on the case working for me in my behalf. Travis and Timothy also have another half brother named Ryan Joseph Nelson from Des Moines Iowa that they don’t know about eighter. I never have gave up hope that someday I would find them and beable to give them my love and all. I have never stopped caring about them eighter. I wanted the best for them at the time they had gotten adopted. My parental rights where terminated at the time. I LOVE my boys and I need them in my life. My life is not complete without them. There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about them and all. If anybody can please help me find them or that can give me any information at all about them and there where abouts and how they are doing and all then please contact: Carla Jean Nelson(Zylstra) Contact me with any information please day or night anytime at all. Thank You!!! Sincerly Yours‚ Carla Jean Nelson(Zylstra) "Somebody Please Help Me Find My Boys and Make Me The Happist Person On Earth and Pray for me also Please and Thank You!!!!! Love Carla

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