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1989 my Grandmother, Deloris LaRue, passed away in Syracuse, IN. My dad-or the man who raised me-RANDY HARRIS- was her son, her biological son. At that time, Randy and my mother-TAMRA LEICHTMAN- had only been together for 5 years and had a huge drug problem. Randys, much younger, adopted, sister-AMANDA LARUE- was like a sister to myself, JAMIE GRABER, and my brother, JEREMY GRABER- we were raised together for those 5 years. She was only 8 or 9 than, I was 6 or 7, and my brother was 9 or 10 years of age. My parents fought my grandmother to let them keep her, but my grandmother knew of their drug habbit, therefore gave sole custody to- I believe- the mayor or someone of that nature, of Syracuse, IN. After Amandas departure we moved back to Arizona. Then in 1992-1993 I do believe, my dad got a letter from some attorney stating that Amanda had been given up for adoption and had a family that she had been with for awile- in Edwardsburg, Michigan-that wanted to adopt her. My dad was devistated, nontheless, still had a habbit. However, we tried hiring a lawyer, but there were few funds available, therefore not much help. AMANDA LARUE has never been forgotten. My dad still carries her picture-the only one- @ age 7. My dad hasn’t been healthy for years & probably don’t have a whole lot longer. I have tried writing talk shows to find her for all of us, but I want my father to see his baby sister before he ends up passing. I would have tried shortly after her 18th birthday, however, I have been incarcerated for the last 5 years. If we could find you AMANDA I promise we will never let you go again. Please contact me. I do believe AMANDAS birth parent or parents are from Florida. AMANDA should be 26-27 years of age. Her natural hair was blonde.

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