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Hi there‚ my name is Rosie Kraai‚ I am 19 and I was adopted at 6 months by my current family‚ The Kraai’s. I live in Marcellus‚ NY and have lived there since my adoption. My adopted family consists of me‚ my sister Anna‚ my brother‚ Joe‚ and both of my parents. I found out that I was adopted at a very young age and just as any young kid would do‚ I kept pursuing this. I went through a time where I was pretty mad at my birth mother because she gave me up‚ I knew that it wasn’t because she didn’t love me‚ but deep down I didn’t truly know that. I started to lash out twoards my family so that I wouldn’t have to suffer any pain. That might not make much sense but I thought that if my own mother couldn’t keep me or love me then why would anyone else. SO I didn’t want to have the emotional stress of getting my adoption undone‚ so I was just doing things to make it easier on myself and so that I didn’t have to much of an emotional connection. Well‚ I could keep going on and on about this‚ but pretty much I just would really like to at least get a sense of what my birthmother was like‚ I am not demanding anything like money‚ I just simply want to know things. Another thing‚ please do not catfish me and act as if you are related to me‚ that’s not cool‚ and I’m actually looking for someone important to me. If you‚ my birth mom‚ are reading this please do reach out to me also please do not demand money from me‚ I do not want that type of relationship‚ thanks!!

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