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Lost child through adoption:- The person I am contacting you about is a family member who, born in 1970, was found suckling her dead mother in the village of Ona (Keren), Eritrea, after a massacre in an armed conflict for independence of Eritrea. The name of the child was Tirhas Ghide Tesfu (can also be written as Trhas or Terhas, and Gide or Gde) later named by her adoptive parents as Terry (if the information I have is correct). At the beginning, the child was cared for by children’s care center, called Lalmba, in Keren, Eritrea, opened by Mr Hugh Downey, a veteran from the then American Kagnew station (in Asmara). It was from this care center that the child was adopted. Lalmba children’s care center lawfully arranged for the child to be adopted by a visiting American couple from Kagnew station a black American soldier with his wife (1972?). Since then, the child’s biological family did not establish contact with the child, with the adoptive parents and Lalmba organization does not have any information or record about the adoption. Please contact me

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