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I have documentation on my son but I am unsure if it is fabricated or genuine. Birth certificate indicates place of birth as Hospital SAN Luca (s). Hard to read handwriting. Born 4 pm, 18 August 1910 Drs name on certificate appears to be Dr. Majono Administrator( of hospital?) Amanda Tule.F. Mother Edita Emelda Deleon Identity 415-00-3x-5x Age on certificate 25 Address Nuevo (?ascutlan) Fathers name Miguel Angel ( ? Bernal) Meloca Address as I read handwriting “ finica from i is” Age 27 Next certificate is BOOK OF ADOPTIONS, CIVIL REGISTRY. FOLIO 265 Dated Jan 10 1992 An address of ( del domicilia) la Miami is also on the certificate. Civil birth certificate Folio 044, Libra 4 “C” Our adoption agency was Families for Children Sandra Simpson, director of this agency picked our son up in Miami. The copy of his passport number was 068707, the Register number 513026. Issued 13 de Enero 1992 Sincerely Janette Diebel. Please contact me if I can assist with any more information.

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