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I am peter smith 09/04/1982 i think i was bourn Green bank road hospitle darlington uk mother ann smith 05/01/1959 my birth Dad is Peter smith 20/02/1957 but i been told i was a Sperm dona of a LOVED Dead ARMY Man. I dont no if this is true how do i find out this and buy who on my ancyster dna it cums up as last ancyster 1925 to 1950 LONDON with no blood relativs just 4th Cousins. i got told the frozen the sperm and made me 30 year after Dunno if it true. Sum one from US ARMY told me i was sperm dona. I do not want my mam ann smith and dad peter smith to no this as they have never told me nothing and dont want them no i no. is my date birth even my date birth iv got a uk pasport and driving licence in it iv allwas nown to be that date birth from a small lad. If i do have another date birth i want no it. Think yous WILL no if ann smith 05/01/1959 uk Got a sperm dona in the 1980,s. Might been off British ARMY. i want no everything about my sell if so.

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