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my Birth name was ELizabeth C Byrd ‚ my adopted name is Andrea Dawn Markus I was born april 16th 1971 in San Fransisco California. the adoption took place when I was 3 mos old. I’ve had a great life and i’m getting married and moving to England ‚ or a least i’m about to. I can’t even express how much I desire to find my Birth Mother and Father and any other family to see peopel who look like me and to know my own history whatever it may be. I’ve been draging my feet on the move to England ‚ I live in Oregon still and feel that If I don’t find them now while still on the same coast that when my life starts up all new in ENgland I might put it off and never find them. I don’t want to disrupt anyones lives ‚ i don’t want to drag up the past if its painful or unwelcomed but I do believe there is just as good of chance for it to be wonderful and healing as the other. My Birth Mothers Maiden name was Logan. thats all I know. I’ve delayed going to the UK until after the New Year coming up. My fiance is completely supporting me in my search and I hope that i find out something before I move ‚ would be much easier to meet someone while I’m still here if that is the way it goes :). thanks you yours Andrea D Markus

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