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Finding Biological Parents

We offer our support in Finding Biological Parents

Several years ago, it occurred to all of us at that if we created one central adoption registry, finding biological parents could be so much easier.  With so many birth parents searching, adoptees scouring the internet, and so little access to records of adoption, there had to be a better way.

Our concept is simple.  An adoption search does not have to be complicated.  Finding biological parents can happen instantly for everyone searching now that there is a Global Reunion Registry where everyone can meet.  For some, the goal of finding biological parents is focused around the desire to know about medical background.  Or maybe you want to know where you came from in this world.  With one central registry a reunion happens instantly when the other party has already registered.

With thousands of people registering every month, we are beginning to accomplish our goal to be the one place online for everyone to reunite.  There should be no need to open records of adoption.  Our concept is to provide you with a free adoption registry where you are given your results in a percentage format to decide for yourself how to proceed.  When both parties consent and express an interest in a reunion, we have a match.  This is the best way we know of for finding biological parents. 

When you register you will be asked to answer several questions.  When someone else has registered who answered these questions the same way or close, you have a pool of matches to review.  Our system is gaining more attention and resulting in more matches all the time as our community grows.  We sincerely hope this will be the end of your search.


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