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Welcome to a New Tool to assist you in Finding Your Birth Mom or Dad.

If you were adopted, you may have been trying for years to open adoption records.   With a central adoption registry you don’t have to search official adoption records at all!  We have been working tirelessly at our goal to become the one place online for finding biological parents.

Here are some goals that can be accomplished by using

find your birth mom
find your birth father
find adopted siblings
find adopted children

We believe that if both parties are consenting, an adoption search should not be blocked by red tape.  A birth mother searching should be able to find her child when they are indicating their interest in finding her too.  With one central place for all to search, matches happen so much more quickly!

To find your Birth Mom or for her to find you, you can begin by answering the carefully designed form we have created.  Thousands of people register every month, bringing us closer to being the one place online for everyone to find your Birth Mom or Birth Dad on their own terms.

Many of our matches happen instantly and finding your Birth Mom or Dad can happen very quickly.  We do not ask for payment in advance.  Instead our system shows you your results in a percentage format, so you can decide how you want to proceed with contact.

It’s important to remember that in most adoption situations the information that each party has does not always match the information held by the other party.  For that reason we do not exclude matches, to allow you to find your Birth Mom from a group of very close matches where you decide who to contact.  Let us be your resource for helping you in finding your Birth Mom or Dad.


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