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16. Dys05108 : ì¶œìƒ : 1972ë…„ 5월생 이지만 25일생 인지 27일생 인지 모름 이름 : 최 진현 살던곳 : 대구 범물동 5ì‚´ë•Œ 미국으로 입양감 이 ì •ë³´ 말고는 아는게 없음 미국 부모님 이름도 모름 미국 부모님이 한국 직접와서 데료간건 기억남 저는 아빠딸이자 고모 조카에요 만약에 찾게된다 ë©´ 아빠를 미워하지 말아주세요 아빠도 후회중이에요 저희 ì•„ë¹ ê°€ 많이 찾고 계세요 찾게 되면 연락주세요 Date of Birth: May 25th 1972 or May 27th 1972 Name: Jin Hyun Choi Was living in Byum Mul-dong, Daegu, Korea until 5 years old, but adopted by American parents and left Korea. Doesn’t know their name I am a daughter of the adopted child’s sibling. Please do not hate us even if you find us. My father is regretting a lot and looking for you very desperately. Please contact us if you see this message.

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17. Kimyunghee : Was adopted by a GI Harry Upson 1958 and brought to US. Birth card has a name Park, Kyu Byung.

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18. JaeHyennShin : I was Born in Seoul Korea in 1981 and abandoned by my birth mother and left in front of the police station in Korea... I was placed in an orphanage until I was adopted in 1987. My Korean name is Jae Hyenn Shin. I was transferred to the BWI airport. to my Parents last name ’Becker’

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19. Sethatrussell : All I know is that i was adopted from South Korea on Jan 15, 1988. I was born in Kyongsangnam-Do (I think). I was adopted by a couple from Texas. My Korean family name was Kim. I would like to locate and meet my biological parents if at all possible.

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20. Livlahti : Hi! My names Liv!

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21. Klocek : Birth name: Lee Suk Jin Mothers name: Eun Hei Fathers nam: N/A Mothers age was 17-18 years old

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22. KimNamAe : Family head: Kim Family Origin: Han Yang Domicile: Seoul, Korea Case ID: K-32019 Birth mother age at time of adoption: 18 Birth mother last name: Kim Occupation birth mother: housekeeper Clinic of birth: KIM Soon Hak Midwifery Clinic, located in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul Superintendent KSS: Mrs. Woon Soon Yeo

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23. Alarit : Born: Seoul‚ South Korea Agency: SWS (Social Welfare Society)

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24. Eunjungkimblackburn : // ENGLISH Looking for my father‚ grandmother‚ mother‚ (half) siblings and any other birth family (aunts‚ uncles‚ nieces‚ cousins et cetera) According to my K.S.S. adoption file‚ I am KIM‚ Eun Jung ê¹€ì�€ì • Born October 5‚ 1980 Yesan-gun‚ Chungcheongnam-do 충청남ë�„ DAD‚ you are: Kim‚ Ki In‚ born in 1965‚ working as an apprentice plumber in 1982‚ currently married and living somewhere in district Gangseo-gu‚ Seoul MUM‚ you are: Lee‚ Jung In‚ born in 1965‚ whereabouts unknown (then and still is). GRANDMA (dad’s side)‚ presumably you cared for me from birth until February 5‚ 1982. I hope you are healthy and that we’ll be reunited. Important dates: Registered at K.S.S. Receiving home‚ relinquished for adoption by my father on February 5‚ 1982 Approved for adoption‚ March 2‚ 1982 Arrived at airport Schiphol in The Netherlands‚ on April 25‚ 1982‚ at 8.10 o clock in the morning so I left my birth ground South Korea on April‚ the 24th You can contact me. You can find my DNA if you want to test at: 23andme Myheritage GEDMatch FTDNA

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25. Jberhorst8 : Looking for my mom. Contact me.

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