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4. Kc7wes : Hello All! My Birth Name is Kim Bok Dong. I was born on October 7‚ 1966. I was Adopted by John Willie Reed and Jacqueline Alice (Matthews) Reed on September 12‚ 1967 in Seoul Korea. I arrived in the United States on December 1‚ 1967. I have been in search of finding my Birth Parents as well as finding Important Adoption Documents (in both the Korean and English Languages‚ (i.e. Birth Certificate‚ Adoption Papers‚ Naturalization Papers‚ etc.) since 2000 (Any information that I can find - Especially about my Birth Parents!) Former Last Names I’ve been known by: My Adotpion Name: Kimberly Denise Reed First Married Name: Kimberly Denise Capel Second Married Name: Kimberly Denise Douglas Third Married Name: Kimberly Denise Benton Any information that you feel may be helpful is Greatly Appreciated! Thank you for your time and attention! Sincerely‚ Kimberly Denise Benton

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5. JulieHeeNonboe : Please contact me

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6. HMKim : Adopted from South korea to America 1995 at 3mnths 2 older sisters & 1 older brother named Hyun Min Kim by agency last name: Kim

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