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  • DEC 18, 2018

Amazing Reunion Story from Chile

Posted by Jeremy Pixton

I was adopted from Chile in 1976 as a baby. I’ve lived my whole life knowing I was adopted, but never thought I would have the opportunity to meet my birth parents or family in Chile.   I grew up in Utah, and decided to serve a mission for the LDS church. I served a mission for two years, and actually ended up going to Chile.  It was great getting to know the language, people, and culture.   While I was there, I decided to contact the attorney who did my adoption in Santiago, Chile.  Since I didn’t speak the language that well, my mission companion ended up doing all the talking and translating for me. It turned out, the attorney didn’t really want to see me or give me any information. So, I just took it as something that was normal in Chile, since I didn’t understand the culture or the people at that time. Now, knowing how open and loving they are, it doesn’t make any sense.   Flash forward to today, over 20 years later. I have a family, and just recently had a baby, so now I have 3 kids. Ever since I got married, I’ve said I would love to meet my birth parents.  Since then, I have tried to find info that would help me locate them.   So, I asked my adopted parents, and they said they didn’t know anything and couldn’t find my records. I petitioned the state of Utah twice, and was denied by the judge. After that, I just decided I would most likely not find my parents.   Then, I found a website in Chile called NosBuscamos, who’s mission is to relocate and connect adopted kids with their birth families. One of the main reasons this non-profit was set up was due to the many kids that were taken from Chile in the 70’s and 80’s. I filled out what little information I had, and two years later, a lady named Constanza contacted me via email, and asked if I was still interested in contacting my birth parents. I replied telling her how I had very little information: my birth date, an attorney’s name, and the name of the hospital where I was born.  I gave her all this information, and she went to work.   Months later, Constanza contacted me because she found my birth certificate, which had my current name on it.  She said this didn’t make sense since it should have had the name I was given at birth. It was most likely a fake birth certificate, and there should be another somewhere else. With the information Constanza found, she was able to reach out to the state of Chile, and locate my live birth records. She found one record from the hospital that had the name of what could be my birth mom. There were other strange things on these records, like the attorney who did the adoption, and my adopted mom’s name on it as well.  With this name, Constanza decided to find out if my birth mother was alive.   She located my birth mom in a city named Ancud, which is over 1,000 miles south of Santiago, Chile. It’s in a very rural area, and Constanza actually had to send over a friend from a nearby city to contact her.  When she was contacted, my birth mother thought it was about a daughter who she had given up for adoption years later when she was raped. She had been trying to locate this daughter on her own with no success. When they told her it wasn’t for her daughter, but her son that was born on my birthdate, she started crying and almost fainted. When I was born, the hospital told my birth mom that I was dead.  So, she thought I had died in the hospital, and now here was someone at her door 40 years later saying not only was I alive, but was adopted in the United States. She had no idea, and as a parent, I can only imagine what that must have felt like. Unfortunately, her story is not uncommon for this time period. Many people have been prosecuted in Chile for similar situations. There are an estimated 100,000 children who were trafficked the same way I was.   Constanza called to tell me what happened, and that this woman was most likely my mother.  As soon as she told me the story, my heart and mind knew it was my mom, but I wanted to make sure. Since this was such a huge life changing moment in both my life and hers, I wanted to have DNA proof that solidified it.   I had used 23andMe DNA testing kit, and asked if my birth mother could do the test.  Constanza helped get the kit completed and tested, and then told me sometime later the results were shared with me on 23andMe. Last week, I opened it up and found that 50 percent of my DNA comes from the woman we suspected, and she is my mother.   Since finding this information, I had a video call with her and the family, and started meeting my family over WhatsApp, which is what they use in Chile to communicate. They have been sending pictures, and it’s crazy to see how similar my kids and myself are to this family on the other side of the world. I have a brother and a sister who live in the same town, and aunts and uncles who live within an hour of my mother. She had six brothers and sisters.   My plan is to save up, and take my family down to Chile as soon as possible to visit my family, meet everyone, and get to know the town where my family is from.   I want to share my story with others because everyone who is adopted should have the right to know who their birth parents are, and where they are from.  In my case, I live in a state where adoptions are closed. Even when I told the judge there is a chance I was stolen, and possibly sold and human trafficked, he still denied my request to see my adoption records. I plan on pursuing those records, and see how much matches what I have, and the stories I am finding out.   I also want to help mothers who may be in the same situation as my mom was find out if their kids may still be alive, and were adopted or sold without their knowledge.   As for me, I have lived an amazing life, have a wonderful family with no regrets, and am now happy to find out I have another family on the opposite side of the world.    TO LEARN MORE OR TO CONTACT NOS BUSCAMOS PLEASE USE THESE

  • DEC 18, 2018

An amazing video shared by our member David!

Posted by Katharine

David from St. Louise was kind enough to share this video regarding his recent reunion.Congratulations again David!!

  • DEC 18, 2018

Amber shares a song her sister wrote for her daughter.

Posted by Amber from Woods Cross‚ Utah

My family is no stranger to adoption.  We have a unique perspective as we have experienced it from 3 different points of view.  My husband was adopted when he was 3 days old, my sister placed a baby girl for adoption when she was 16 years old, and that same sister adopted a darling little boy through foster care.   It has shaped our lives in such a positive way, yet there is still a lot of emotion and pain around being separated from the ones we love and wanting to know where we come from. When my sister found out she was pregnant at age 16, she knew this was going to be the hardest thing she would ever have to do.  After selecting an amazing family, she found peace in her decision and had no doubt her daughter would be very loved.  Our entire family loved her so much and hoped one day we would be reunited again.  The adoption was closed but the adoption agency did allow letters to be sent through them from both the adoptive family and the birth family.  However, after several years the letters stopped and my sister became worried that something may have happened to her daughter. We had very little information about the adoptive family and the agency was not able to provide any assistance.   Around this same time, my husband had a strong desire to search for his birth parents.  It was always in the back of his mind but after having our own children, he became increasingly more curious about where he came from and the circumstances around the decision to place him for adoption. We had even less information to go on in his case. We started with research on but with little to no information we hit a dead end.  We then decided to do an AncestryDNA test.   While waiting for the results of the DNA test, we ran across and signed up in hopes we might find a lead.  Immediately, we were matched with 6 potential matches.  We sent messages to each of them and received responses back from some amazing people.  Although most of them were eventually determined to not be his birth family, they provided support and helped us in our search by giving us information about how we can obtain my husband’s original birth certificate. When we received our DNA test results on back on Ancestry we were overjoyed when we found a close match to my husband indicating a possible half-sister and a close match to me which turned out to be my sister’s daughter.  After contacting her adoptive mother, we discovered they had been looking for her and had done the DNA test in hopes to learn more about her birth family.  Finding her has brought peace to our family.  The pain of losing her is gone and we cannot express the excitement we feel as our relationships grow from here.    We have since received my husband’s original birth certificate which has given us some great leads and we will continue our search on  We have not heard back from the close family DNA match on Ancestry but hope that we will be able to contact them soon. We are very thankful for resources such as and AncestryDNA and the people we met during our journey to find our family. My sister wrote this beautiful song during her search for her daughter and was able to share it with her after they reunited.

Some Recent Reunions

I have found my entire family. Unfortunately my biological mother has passed in 92‚ but I have an Uncle & Aunt‚ several cousins‚ a brother and 3 sisters!!! Won’t even get into their extended families. Thanks for everything. I am starting to feel whole again!!

I found my entire birth family on here. 37 years we have been apart! Thank you for this website.

I took a DNA test through Ancestry and with it I found my son and my biological mother’s side of the family. I am still searching for my biological father’s side but that will take a while yet. Good luck to everyone out there!

We did not know my husband even had a son until a couple years ago. We tried some of the free searches but was disappointed that the match was wrong. We decided to try this site and withing a few days we had a match. He is an awesome young man and we look so forward to getting to know him.

I have been searching off and on for a possible biological son since 2009‚ and found him recently due to a message he left on He is extremely similar to me and my other son‚ and looks a lot like me! These past few days have been the best ever.

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