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  • DEC 18, 2018

Let’s support Stephanie with her petition!

Posted by Katharine

My name is Stephanie. Like many of you, I was adopted here in the U.S. as an infant. Do you feel as not only an adoptee, but as a human, that you have a right to updated medical information that pertains to you? Access to pertinent family medical history may have affected my life and well-being dramatically. Just before I turned 30 I was diagnosed bi-polar. This was after many suicide attempts, hospital stays and misdiagnoses in my 20's. Then a few years ago my son started to gain a lot of weight. We didn't think too much of it at first. However we then started to notice that he would feel faint if he hadn't eaten in several hours, but still didn't take him in. After 3 months of a steady weight increase and what I now know were "indicators", we took him to the doctor and after a simple blood test he was diagnosed with diabetes. As an adoptee the only medical information available to me is what came in my file at the time I was adopted. This information is out of date and should be updated at least every 10 yrs. or after a hereditary illness, and then made accessible. I was lucky to survive my 20's and if my medical history had been updated the diagnoses very well may have come sooner and with precautionary measures it may have saved myself and my family a lot of money and much emotional and physical distress. We definitely could have used updated medical information in the case of my son, who we would have taken in much sooner if we'd had an idea diabetes was in my lineage. If you feel as I do please go to the link you see here and sign my petition. If it doesn't take you directly to my petition then please copy and paste it into your browser and gain access in that way. It may help save a life. Stephanie

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I have found my entire family. Unfortunately my biological mother has passed in 92‚ but I have an Uncle & Aunt‚ several cousins‚ a brother and 3 sisters!!! Won’t even get into their extended families. Thanks for everything. I am starting to feel whole again!!

I found my entire birth family on here. 37 years we have been apart! Thank you for this website.

I took a DNA test through Ancestry and with it I found my son and my biological mother’s side of the family. I am still searching for my biological father’s side but that will take a while yet. Good luck to everyone out there!

We did not know my husband even had a son until a couple years ago. We tried some of the free searches but was disappointed that the match was wrong. We decided to try this site and withing a few days we had a match. He is an awesome young man and we look so forward to getting to know him.

I have been searching off and on for a possible biological son since 2009‚ and found him recently due to a message he left on He is extremely similar to me and my other son‚ and looks a lot like me! These past few days have been the best ever.

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