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Birth Parents Searching

An innovative new tool for Birth Parents Searching for their Children

To all birth parents searching for their children, we have good news.  There is an entirely new way to look for your child without having to open adoption records.  It’s global and everyone is included.

It came to our attention how many adoptees wish to reunite with their parents and how many birth parents searching for the same goal have become frustrated with their adoption search.  There are sensitive issues on both sides, and it doesn’t help that until now there has not been a really innovative tool for reuniting parents with their children.

Essentially our service is built around the principal that birth parents searching for the children they have never had contact with should not be denied access if their adopted children have the same desire.  For those children who are curious about their roots, finding biological parents should also not be an exercise in frustration if both parties are consenting to a reunion.  Here is where we come in.

We have designed a system where both parties answer several questions.  The questions have been carefully selected to be ones that anyone in an adoption situation would know about their own situation.  A child knows their sex and whether they have had contact with their parents, for example, and birth parents searching for their adopted children know the month and year they were born and whether the adoption took place at the time of birth. 

If the person you are looking for has already registered with us, you can find them instantly.  This is how our adoption registry works.  It’s as simple as it sounds and we invite you to join us today.


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