Birth Mother Searching | Are You a Birth Mother Searching For Your Birth Child?

Birth Mother Searching

Advice for a Birth Mother Searching for her Child

It is understandable that for a birth mother searching for her child, it can be an emotional journey.  If you have tried to go the route of getting access to records of adoption, you already know this can be very frustrating.  For all birth parents searching for children or for those involved in a quest for finding biological parents, there can be many road blocks and not a lot of support.

It is with this in mind that we have created  The concept is simple.  If everyone in the world who is trying to find their adopted children or biological parents have one place to come to register, we can make matches very quickly.  This is already happening on our site.  With several thousand new registrations each month and more than a quarter of a million people in our community, a birth mother searching for a child has new hope. 

We currently offer a free adoption search.  Where other services ask for a payment up front before they let you know the results of your search, we offer you your results in a percentage format, allowing you to decide how you want to proceed based on whether there are good leads here for you or not.  We feel this is a much better approach than most adoption registries. 

We understand how difficult this search is for you.  As a birth mother searching for perhaps many years for your child, it can be discouraging and you need support.  We offer that support.  A lot of time and research has gone into creating a sophisticated search system. 

Many people who sign up find who they are looking for on the very first day.  This is a message to all of you who have had a tough search up until now.  If you are a birth mother searching for your child we offer our help and support.


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