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What to expect from your Adoption Search

When you set out to select an adoption registry there are many things to consider.  The majority of adoption registries require a fee from you before divulging what information they may have that pertains to your adoption search. 

Consider instead a system that ask you highly targeted questions that are designed to cover almost all adoption situations.  Then, without any wait time, imagine receiving the results of your adoption search in a percentage format, so you know if there are any matches present for you.

We do adoption searches.  This is our business.  We know that most people can answer the same few questions.  We also know that birth parents searching for their children often have differing information from what the adopted child will have.  It doesn’t have to be very different in order to get a ‘no matches’ response from many adoption search services. 

We can do better than this.

Our system was designed carefully with the experience of the person searching in mind.  Your registration on our adoption search system is free, and you receive the results of your search in a percentage format for your consideration.  It happens so often that those who are searching find their match has answered one question differently than they have.  Imagine instead using an adoption registry that tells you they don’t have an exact match for you, perhaps overlooking the family who are looking for you.

Finding biological parents or your adopted child can be a very stressful undertaking, we know this.  The whole experience on has been created to make this process easier for you.  We offer you our support and hope you are one of the many reunions we are so proud to have taken part in.


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