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Adoption Registries

Things to consider about Adoption Registries

There are quite a few factors to consider when selecting an adoption registry. Birth parents searching for children or adoptees searching for birth parents all have the same goal – to find one another quickly and without having to open adoption records.

National adoption registries take into consideration that while a person may have been born in one area, they may have been adopted by someone living in a different area altogether. The criteria used for a search is also another major factor to consider. An adoption registry, for example, that asks you to provide the name of the person you are searching for as their main focus may not be able to find the right person very easily.

Our search tool has been set up very carefully to consider several questions that the majority of people are easily able to answer. Unlike many adoption registries, our matches give you a pool of results to look through. Additionally, there is no charge to register, essentially giving you a free adoption search where you receive your matches in a percentage format to consider for yourself. This is a superior system in our opinion because our adoption registry is set up to allow you to decide for yourself who is a match and who is not. Communication is initiated by you (unlike many adoption registries who make contact on your behalf), and you do not have to divulge any personal information about yourself if you don’t wish to.

Finding biological parents or adopted children can be immediate when you use our adoption registry, which has been designed to be Your Global Reunion Registry!


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