I am so excited to work with Sheila and Steve to combine our registries! With all of the new technology we are bringing online including DNA searching and historical records, plus the doubling of our registry size, we are able to provide an incredible opportunity to locate your missing family members.

A message from Katharine at Adopted.com

We have decided to join forces with Katharine at Adopted.com and feel confident she will bring to the table passion, energy, and resources that are much needed to locate your family members. By combining forces, members of both sites now have access to additional features and a much larger base of possible matches.

A note from Sheila and Steve at AdopteeConnect
Rahna ยท Pittsburgh

I completed the Adopted.com survey and it said that I had three 100% matches and I got a response the next day. We realized through a rare birth defect that she is my birth mother. More to come....

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