Adoption Reunions:

Jesse from Tampa writes:


This site was the best thing that I could have done to help me find my birth parents. Not only did I find my birth mother on here‚ but she got into contact with my entire birth family and now after 25 years of searching I have found them all. I also found out that I am a TWIN!!!

Clancy from Perth writes:


Within five minutes on I had made a 100% match. I sit here feeling a complete person after meeting up with the beautiful boy I adopted out 25 years ago. I am grateful for the personal interest I received from the site and for the best weekend I've ever had!

Kelle from Springfield‚ MO writes:


I can't believe how simple it was to find my Birthmother! I never thought I'd find her‚ let alone find her on the first day I signed up for the site! Thank you for providing a resource for us to find each other again.

Joseph from Durango writes:


I joined and within a month‚ I found my biological mother. We are now taking time to get to know each other and it's really a happy addition to my wonderful life.

Daniel from New York writes:

Daniel 5 minutes after I joined this site‚ I found my birth mother! We're going to have a grand reunion in December‚ where I will be able to meet my biological family! This site was very‚ VERY helpful!

Janet from Georgia writes:


After years of searching I have been able to find my daughter. I am 77 yrs. old and had almost given up.  Thank you

Amanda from Royse City writes:


I have looked for my birth mom for years. A week ago I received an email from this site. It was my birth mom! We are both very excited to be reunited. I wasn't sure I would ever have the opportunity to write out a reunion story‚ so needless to say this is very exiciting!

Clare from Ipswich‚ UK writes:


I was overcome with emotion when I found my nephew's details on your site. Thank you for your support and help - truly amazing.

Debbie from Brisbane writes:


Wow! I cannot believe I have found my son after nearly 27yrs. Thank you!  If it wasn't for this site‚ I'm not sure if I would of ever found my son. Thank you again. This is the best ever Christmas gift a mother could ever want. I am just so over whelmed & super excited my son is back in my life!

Diane from Sacramento CA writes:


After I searched for 32 years‚ including registering here in Feb 2010‚ my son looked and found me immediately on this site. He had been taken to Germany at age 5 & never came back. I went to Germany to see him & he is coming here next month. We are very grateful. Thank you‚ thank you‚ thank you.

Jennet Leslie from Bayfield Ontario writes:

Jennet Leslie

They found my daughter after giving her up 57 years ago and oh how wonderful it is! I have wanted to find her for years but was afraid to as of being rejected. It is wonderful‚ my daughter now has 5 brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and it took less than 24 hours!

Cody from Port Macquarie writes:

Cody The first person I spoke to turned out to be my brother!!! Amazing

Danyel from Bemus Point, NY writes:

Danyel My son and I have found each other thanks to you...I can not even begin to describe the gratitude I feel....thank you for doing this for people‚ it really means more than some people realize!!!!

Wendy from Wicklow‚ Ireland writes:


In a very short space of time searching through your site‚ I finally found my birth father after 38 years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Tad from Brisbane writes:

Tad It was really wonderful to find my birthmother using your website. I'm extremely grateful for the chance to now have contact with her and have found out I have a half sister and half brother. Thank you for your website it has truly changed my life !

Stephanie from Marysville writes:


I started searching for my brother the day I knew he turned 18. After no leads from any other website‚ connected me with him. We now talk and see each other every week. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You have changed my life!

Tamara from Sacramento, CA writes:

Tamara I found my biological father within a few days of joining He had been looking for me my whole life. Through him‚ I located my biological mother‚ and found out that I now have a total 4 half brothers and 1 half sister. I'm having tons of fun getting to know all of them.

Eric from Lake George writes:


I found my birth mother after 50 years‚ and found out she was looking for me all this time!  Thank you

Larri from Overland Park writes:


Thank you very much for creating this website. I have found my daughter and son and feel a sense of complete relief!

Carla from San Diego via Seattle writes:


I found my Birth Mother and spoke with her for the first time two days ago. She is very nice and look forward to building a relationship with her. The internet is a great tool.  Best of luck to you!

Katie from Twin Cities writes:


My birth mom found me the same day she joined this site! I have been on a surreal cloud since & living in this amazing moment in my life! I found out I have 3 half-siblings. I've been messaging my sister daily while she's overseas. This has been an absolute God send to be found by my birth mom.

Ben from Phelps writes:


After 1.5 years of my birth mother posting an ad on here‚ and the combined effort of the support and myself‚ I was able to get in touch with my birth mom's sister. Only to be connected to my birth mom with an amazing openness. It took time but was well worth it!!!!

Margaret from American Fork writes:


This has been the most remarkable experience! I actually found my son within 24 hours of my registering on the website!

Mary from Texas writes:

Mary I enrolled on and to my surprise I found my daughter in 5 minutes!!! This was after 30 years of no contact. Things are going wonderful‚ she is a treasure‚ and I have a grandson too!

Angie from Fort Worth writes:


After just a few hours i found my daughter‚ I am so relieved and now the missing part of me is whole again. I would recommend this 100%. Thank you soooo much.

Linda from Starke Fl writes:


Through opening many doors like this site my daughter was able to find me. We had a beautiful reunion last week. One thing I learned from her is if you have any info at all also look at genealogy sites. Amazingly enough that was the key to her locating me. Many birthmoms list even adoptees in lineage.

Denise from Glendora writes:


Just wanted to let everyone know that I found my birth mom on here. This was the best website to stumble across. Thanks again for all the help. I randomly found this website a couple of months ago‚ I decided to join and found my birth mom. I am so excited. :)

Rahna from Pittsburgh writes:


I completed the survey and it said that I had three 100% matches so I was hesitent to pay to view the matches but I figured I spend that on nothing all the time. So I did it and got a response the next day. We realized through a rare birth defect that she is my birth mother. More to come....

Adam from Stillwater‚ OK writes:


After a church youth group's mission trip report‚ I sought after answers to my ethnicity. Becoming discouraged at my results‚ I simply typed in "I am adopted how do I find my birth parents" in a Yahoo! search. I chose‚ entered my information‚ and found my birth mom on the first search!

Bronwyn from Australia writes:


Wow! I have been looking for years. Within five minutes of subscribing and logging in I was in contact with my sister. My match was in the 85% category. I'm so happy! Feels good to finally have the missing link to our family. Can't wait to hug you.....

Diane from Cheboygan writes:


I put up the only baby picture I had after registering here. Last ditch effort‚ and within 1 day I found her. It was a miracle! Don't ever give up hope‚ it was 45yrs for me‚ and she had registered here back in 2005. This is quite a story‚ if I could tell it all is amazing! Thanks so much.

Linda from California writes:


I was on this site for literally less than 5 minutes when I came across my birth mother's profile.  After years of searching I was able to get into contact with her and my 5 siblings.  I'm very excited to see where all this leads to.  This site is amazing!

Carolyn from Wellesley writes:


Dear Friends‚ a Miracle happened and my son has found me!  

This search journey has been long and difficult. I am so glad I finally went through all the steps and I am so grateful to once and forever have my Baby Boy back in our life's. Thank you for being a part of my process!

Melisa from San Jose writes:


I was born in Kansas so I was able to send for my pre adoption birth certificate. The adoption took place 48 years ago. The birth certificate gave my birthmothers name and where she had lived. I looked up the high school in that town and found out some info on her. It even said her married name.

Janjard from Kansas writes:


Last week my birth daughter found me using your site. Thank you doesn't even begin to cover the appreciation I feel to you!

Mary from Charlotte NC writes:

Mary is a brilliant and ever-so helping website. I was on for about 10 minutes before finding my birth mother‚ and finding out I have 3 siblings. I have been blessed to have the help of this website to reconnect us.

Kellie from Belleville writes:


I was adopted at birth and always wanted to know my family. I found my mom the same day I signed up for the full subscription and messaged her. After about a week she messaged me back and we have been talking ever since. We are planning to meet soon. I am so happy to have my true family! Thank you!

Roger Smith from Tucson writes:

Roger Smith

Its hard to write this with out crying. I became a member of this website late Sunday evening and got a 100% match. I knew immediately that it was her because she looked so much like her birth mother. By Tuesday evening I was reunited with my birth daughter. It has for ever changed my life. Thank you

Rachelle from Warren writes:


It turns out my mother lives about 10 minutes away from me!

Penny from Albany, NY writes:

Penny 29 years ago I made the heart breaking decision to give my beloved son up for adoption. It was a hard decision but I knew I was doing the right thing. The last thing I said to him was "I'll see you soon". My prayers were answered and because of Joshua is now back in my life!

Vickie and Antonio from Yulee writes:

Vickie and Antonio

I put my boyfriend's profile on this site and submitted it. Four days later I re-opened the site profile and found I had an email response from someone who was a member already. It turns out it was his Birth Mother who was looking for him. What an absolutely amazing site!!!!! I encourage you to use this site and never give up hope. Ours was a one in a million chance and who knows‚ it could be you next. Thank You to Site Owner Katharine. You WILL know a place of PURE BEAUTY one fine day!!!!!!

Michael from Madison writes:


I found my family‚ 44 years later and the search is over‚ everyone is so excited to have the found missing link!

Joshua from Lauderdale Lakes writes:


I signed up for this site out of curiosity. I was logging in to do a search and found my birth mother. I HAVE A BROTHER TOO!! I've visited and have come to know them as my family! 

Matthew from Africa writes:

Matthew THANK YOU! After 42 years I found my birthmother and had a wonderful reunion. My mother and father that I grew up with also got to meet her and her husband! I subsequently met my birth father as well.

Marie from Golden writes:


I started searching for my son in December‚ the first profile that matched turned out to be my son. We spoke for the first time in the following January. He had put in on the site before me.  Thank you!

Roger from Texas writes:


Thank you again for this amazing website that provided the happiest Thanksgiving I have ever had. I got to spend it with my birth daughter. She is an amazing human being‚ and now that I have met her‚ spent time with her‚ her friends and family‚ I finally know I made the right decision 26 years ago.

Daniel from Moorhead‚ Minnesota writes:


I have been searching off and on for a possible biological son since 2009‚ and found him recently due to a message he left on here. He is extremely similar to me and my other son‚ and looks a lot like me! These past few days have been the best ever.

Renee from Indiana writes:


Thank you so much for reuniting me with my birth parents! This is a dream come true and I feel like I'm living a fairy tale! My father knew it was me because I look exactly like my mother!!! I've wanted to look like someone my entire life!!! They are amazing people and I couldn't be happier!

Denise from Akron writes:


As of Monday I have found all of my children except one.  She is still missing‚ but with God's help we will find her also.  The joy and thankfulness that I feel to God is unmeasurable.  I just can't stop crying and I will be meeting my youngest Ieasha and her daughters today.  I am truly alive again.

Janet from Lawrence‚ KS writes:


I have the most amazing story to share! When I was 17‚ I had a daughter and gave her up for adoption. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. Last weekend on March 3rd‚ she found me through! I have the most amazing daughter! She came for a visit on Monday and I can't begin to explain how blessed we are! And as a wonderful bonus‚ she has the most beautiful daughter! God is so good!!! My cup truly overflows!

Brenda from Philadelphia writes:


I found my daughter on this website. I am going to make of folder of our interactions together on this website as a momento of our searching for one another. Thank you!

Steve from Edinburgh writes:


Found a 100% match ... great site ... Elizabeth Bogie was her maiden name ... and Alex / Alec James Bogie was my name on my birth cert .

Customer service on here is second to none!

Lareeta from Hawthorne writes:

Lareeta I found my son after 17 years. We had our first reunion that lasted 2 months. Its such a miracle and I just want to say‚ keep your head up. Dreams do come true. I believe that. My son is doing real good with his parents now and we have a good relationship.

Jonas from Stockholm writes:


Hi‚ I found the person I was looking for. It's very personal‚ but I have now overcome the grief I have had for so long!

Todd Colombo from Sugar Land‚ Texas writes:

Todd Colombo

Was able to locate my parents with the help of a woman I met on She is a god send as I have looked since I was 18. I am turning 41 this coming Sunday. What an amazing birthday gift!

Shane from Great Falls writes:

Shane I happened to do a internet search on my birthday. came up with a profile that caught my eye. It was a exact description of my birth parents as described in the information provided by the adoption agency. I realized that someone had been looking for me. My search started on this site.

Sandy from Albert Lea‚ MN writes:


This site is Awesome!! I signed up to find my Daughter I put up for Adoption 33 Years ago‚ and after two days of being a member we were reunited. We are both so happy and cant wait to meet in Person!! Thank You‚ our Prayers have been answered!! Feeling Blessed...

Trish from Surrey writes:


Thanks to I have been reconnected with my birth daughter. We are meeting this coming week for the first time. Thank you so much for proving this invaluable service.

Linda from Murphy‚ NC writes:


I started searching 2+ yrs ago for my daughter‚ adopted out in 1972.  Just before Christmas I got the best email and within a few hours‚ I just knew our search was over. DNA test confirmed a perfct match! Planning an Easter reunion. Never give up! Thank you!

Angie from Stevensville writes:


8 months ago my daughter signed onto looking for biological parents. 5 months ago I saw an internet story of a match found thru I signed up that day and 24 hrs later we were comparing notes. This month‚ confirmation was secured. Meeting in March. Thank you Katharine!

Sue from Southern California writes:


We found our brother after only two days!  It was a perfect match! We are meeting him later this month!

Craig from Los Angeles writes:


I was extremely skeptical of this system‚ but figured for $10 I'd risk it. There were two identical matches. One of which turned out to be my biological mother. Within three weeks were were sharing our life stories. Thank you so much.

June from Alba writes:

June I found my son thru this site. It has been truly amazing. I can finally stop worrying about if he was ok‚ if he was raised right and was happy. He had all of it and I am so glad that he has a place in his life for me. I speak with him every week. I have spent time with him and my grandchildren!

SK from Los Angeles writes:


This site was amazing!! Within seconds of registering I had a 100% match‚ who happened to be the right person "my birth mother". I am thankful for Katharine‚ the site owner who went beyond call of duty‚ in order to connect me with my birth mother.

Michelle from Grand Junction writes:


I found my birth family! Pure luck and timing I guess. The internet is an awesome tool to use. Got birth mothers full name and everything fell into place. Very excited to meet them all.

Becky from St. Louis writes:

Becky I've been looking for four years for daughter I gave up 43 years ago. She'd been looking on other websites and stumbled upon in July. We met last month and I couldn't be happier! Thank you for making my life complete!

Pete from Pompano Beach writes:


I can't believe I was this lucky. I found my niece here and couldn't be happier. Within 24 hours‚ we confirmed that it was her. Adoption is the most generous thing you can do. Thank you to her parents for taking on the responsibility and giving her love. Best of luck to all who are searching.

Paula from Faversham, Kent writes:


Hello‚ just wanted to say a massive thank you to Adopted .com. I found my daughter in one minute of subscribing to this website. We have met and it was wonderful. We are taking it slowly and meeting again in September this year‚ and I found out that I am a Nan! I cant thank you enough. xxxxxx

Jason from Louisville writes:


I found my birth mom after wondering & searching since high school. The reunion with my birth mom was nothing but God-ordained. My birth mom has a special place in my family's hearts. I thank God that He helped me find her. I found my dad‚ brother‚ & sisters too! Love them all - it's been amazing!

Mary from Hemel Hempstead‚ UK writes:


I stumbled on this site by accident‚ and found my adopted daughter within 3 days. Turned out she had registered some years ago. We are in regular contact‚ and I hope at some stage to meet up with her‚ all good so far. Thank you!!

O.M. from Monterey Peninsula writes:


Wow! That was quick! I found my daughter in less than 24 hours. Keep up the good work!

Brenda from Philadephia writes:


After searching for what seemed like forever ‚ I went on after not being on the site in years. For some reason I felt compelled to do so after I did an internet radio show via telephone‚ where I spoke of why I had to give my child up. I changed my profile a bit and clicked.... there my child was!! Thanks‚ I'm so happy!!

Susan from Leeds writes:


It took me a little time to input my information but it was unbelievable how quickly it was to come back with a 100% match...This was the first contact with my niece in 38 years‚ amazing!  We have been chatting since and are looking forward to our first get-to-gether soon‚ Many‚ Many‚ MANY THANKS....

Helena from Tralee writes:


Thank you! l found my sister the first day on this site. My parents reunited with her this week and it is wonderful! l tried everything for two years and l can never thank you enough. My family is complete and l feel such relief and happiness. One more thing off my bucket list!

Kathy from Milwaukee writes:

Kathy I'm the luckiest woman in the world right now! Found my son‚ Mark. He just turned 50. Don't ever give up; it's so worth the effort.

Oliver from Phoenix writes:

Oliver I have been looking on and off for 25 years to find my birth parents. As soon as I signed up on this site it showed me 2 matches and one of them turned out to be my Father! I spoke to him today!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon from Nova Scotia writes:

Sharon I found my Daughter after only 6 days‚ it will be a year ago next month. I have been to visit her twice‚ and she will be coming here the end of August to attend my wedding. Thank you again for providing such a wonderful‚ safe‚ and reliable site.

Kristina from Jacksonville writes:


I found my birth father in 5 minutes. He's actually been looking for me for almost 2 years!

Jon from San Antonio writes:


My wife has been unsuccessfully looking for her sister for 32 years. I joined and successfully found her sister in 2 days. Fantastic service!

Alison from Cornwall UK writes:


I joined at 1:15pm and was emailing a member of my family by 3:30pm the same day!

Wow! Amazing!

Best money I've ever spent.

Jason from New York writes:


After just 2 days as a member‚ I found my birth mother. Simply amazing!!! 

Joel from Chicago writes:


Found my birth mother who passed away several years ago but now I have two sisters and a brother!

Richard from Hinesville writes:


I have tried for 2 years to find my mom so i was expecting to meet a dead end again.  However‚ even with no more than a first name for information‚ I found her in about 3 hours and can't wait to see her when I get home from Iraq.

June from Delvin writes:


Thank you so much!  After finding your website I found my son the very same day!  It has taken me years to locate him but i will never look back now.

Kristina from Jacksonville writes:


I had success in finding my birth family! A match was found in several weeks.

Cathy from Brisbane writes:


I looked through the 87% matches today and found one on the 2nd page with my maiden name as the birth mother. We have been in contact for several hours today and she is certain I am her birth mother. Thank you so much for this site. Don't forget the 87% match‚ your child or parent could be in there.

Cathie from Macon writes:


After searching and scouring hundreds and hundreds of registry pages I found my birth daughter! I have e-mailed her and have her name and address and phone number and am waiting for her to contact me.

Paul from Boca Raton writes:


Thank you for helping my Birth Mother and I unite. She has been searching for me for 20 plus years. I have been searching for her since 2009. I posted on here and very shortly after she saw my posting. I have two sister and an extended family we are all having a blast getting to know each other.

Rick from Burligton‚ VT writes:


I found my mother within a week of joining this site. We are in contact now and both very glad that we found each other.

Thank You!

Valerie from London, UK writes:


My brother was adopted as a baby in the Middle East‚ and we never expected to be able to trace his birth mother. Then a month ago‚ I discovered this website‚ and within minutes I had a 100% match. My brother was in touch with his mother in days. Thanks so much to Katharine for all her assistance!

Carol from Chillicothe‚ OH writes:


I found my son who I lost to adoption in 1969. We have been getting to know one another over the phone since early December. We hope to be able to meet in person sometime this spring!

Marian from Ireland writes:

Marian I found my brother. He was born in New York and a friend of his looking for him saw his name on your site and told him someone was looking for him. He didn't know he had a big sister. We hope to meet up soon. Thanks

Dave from Pinckney‚ Mi writes:


A wonderful person has helped me locate my birth mother and my half siblings from her later marriage. While it was unfortunate to learn that mom had passed a few years ago I am looking forward to meeting my siblings‚ (provided they actually want to).

Kristen from Salt Lake City‚ UT writes:


This is the ONLY online adoption site that I listed my information on....five years ago.

My birth mother found me on her first try and contacted me within 24 hours of beginning her search. Miracles do happen. Thank you so much.

Lucy from Nottingham writes:


I have recently been matched on with my birth mother who I have been trying to trace for 5 years but to no avail. Having registered with this site it was hardly any time at all before I had a 100% match! And it was her. I can't describe how grateful I am to this site. Thanks so very much!

Gary from Glasgow writes:


I registered on this site 4 days ago to try and find my birth sister‚ and I think I have found her already‚ AMAZING. I can't thank Katharine and the site enough for their help‚ I couldn't have done it without them :-)

Lucy from Spotsylvania writes:


I found the person I was looking for the first day!!!!! How amazing!!!! That was yesterday‚ we're still in shock so I will later thank you so very much!!!!

Nicole from Pittsburgh writes:


Because of this website‚ I have found my sister! So if you are looking‚ don't give up! I couldn't thank the people who made this website enough times. It was a dream come true especially when I didn't have that much info about her and she didn't have much about our mom. Thank you again!!!

Denise from Panorama City writes:


I found my oldest daughter which then led me to the other 3. We have all been reunited.

Nancy from Morrisville writes:


I had 1 100% match. How heartstopping!! I found my birth mother and her name. If I went back to the agency it would have cost me $$$$$ for what I found for $9.99. We met 2 weekends later‚ did a cheek swab‚ Scientists say...99.99%. This site is magical! Thanks guys so much for your dedication.

Jennifer from Waukeha writes:


I found my brother‚ and he called me. Thank you so much!

Emma from Chesapeake writes:

Emma I found my younger brother.

Claire from Kent writes:


I joined recently to look for my birth mum. I had several 87.5 matches. Although none were mine‚ one was my adopted sisters mum looking for her and I have now been able to reunite them. Hopefully I will find my mum too!

Nancy from Mesquite writes:


Thank you so much for your site. I have registered with many other sites and have had no feedback. My daughter found me!! I have been looking for so many years and never expected to find her. We have been emailing for 4 days now and are expecting to meet each other this week. We are so excited!

Jessica from Sandy writes:


I found my biological sister who's been searching for me for years!! She told me all about my biological parents and I get to meet everyone! I am so excited it's been a day I will never forget! The hole in my heart has been filled!!! I can't wait to get to know them!!!

Annie from Boston writes:


This website was a great tool in connecting my birth mother and I thank you for your help!

Tanya from Lancaster writes:


Ours is a very unique & happy story.  My parents had a daughter "Tracy" in high school and gave her up for adoption.  Several years later my parents got married and went on to have 3 other children.  I've always wanted to find my sister but my mother was not ready for it until some medical issues changed her mind.  After receiving the required info from my mom this past June I started searching the internet on sites to find adopted siblings.  Your website was the second I visited.  I answered the simple questions to complete my profile.  The site then performed the search and told me there was one 87.5% match.  I had to read it!

As I read the post my heart nearly stopped beating.  The profile matched EXACTLY what I was looking for.  The profile stated the same birth name and birth dates and birth location as my parents' daughter Tracy.  By pure coincidence Tracy put her posting on your website just 2 weeks before I did.  Despite me moving all over the world with the military Tracy & I only live 50 miles away from each other.   Eight weeks later we received confirmation from the adoption agency.  This has to be the easiest adoption reunion in history!  We have seen each other several times and talk every day.  She has met the entire family - birth mom‚ birth father‚ step mom‚ 2 sisters‚ 1 brother‚ 1 step brother and 2 half sisters - all with spouses and most with kids.  She is a perfect fit into our family.  Thank you for your website - is outstanding!  We can't thank you enough for bringing our family together after all these years!

Michael (Wayne) from Bexhill On Sea writes:

Michael (Wayne)

I was adopted 40 years ago. I had tried different avenues over the last 20 years‚ but for each one resulting in yet another dead-end. (Didn't help having the wrong information with which to search for my family) As a last ditch attempt‚ just before giving up on my search‚ I left a message on the '' website‚ as I had on most other sites too‚ then continued my life‚ believing that the hands of fate were not meant for me to find my relatives.

Four weeks ago‚ I received a phone call‚ out of the blue‚ from my birth sister (she had been looking for me for 13 years too)‚ who had seen my message on this site‚ and believed that I could be 'the one' she was looking for.

Therefore‚ all due credit must go to the '' site for making this reunion possible. I cannot begin to thank-you enough or to express how happy I am now after my 40 year void. You have helped make my life complete for the first time.

My message to others is to never give up believing that there is hope in finding your 'loved ones'‚ even if it does take a bit longer than you maybe anticipated.

Carmen from Isle of Wight writes:


After so many years of searching and trying to find my daughter I had just about given up when I recieved an email from you and my long lost daughter. I am just so delighted and we are now thinking of ways that we can see each other. Thank you. We couldn't have done this without you!

Dec from Devon writes:


This is a good site and the customer care is enthusiastic‚ helpful‚ and committed. Replies come quickly and offer helpful advice and guidance on how to make progress. If my search does not deliver the goods it will not be for want of effort and support from!

Anna from Dublin writes:


My husband and i came on this site in November of 2009 to search for his son.  Sadly my husband passed away in May of 2010. In Sept of last year I got a 100% match and after a long correspondence I finally met his son. My 3 sons have an new older brother and we are all thrilled. Without this website‚ this might never have happened.

Janet from Canton writes:


I want to share the most exciting news ever for a birth mother or any one out there looking for a loved one. I have found my son I gave up for adoption 41 years ago. I am still in shock and have all different emotions going through me. I am going to finally meet my first born for the first time.

Toni from Marshall, MO writes:

Toni I was looking for a nephew given up for adoption in 1979. Found him today!!!!! Now to make up for the past 31 years!

Mary from London writes:


Sadly it is not a happy outcome. I found my sister but she is happy with her life and does not want any contact. I am still happy that I went on this journey as now I can move on knowing that she is happy and settled. I wish everyone a successfull journey no matter the outcome.

Charles from Lubbock writes:

Charles We have all found in todays socitey‚ that much is offerd‚ very little is given! People don't believe what you say‚ but they have to believe what you do! This website's dedication to the needs and care of their customer is second to none. Its nice to be pleasantly surprised‚ you will be too!

Michael from West Seneca writes:


The first match that was 100% was it! Didn't think it could be that easy! Thank you so much!

Sharon from Sussex writes:


I can't begin to express my gratitude to  I have been on other registries and got no results‚ but after only 6 days on this site‚ I have found my daughter.  Thank you‚ Thank you‚ Thank you!!!

Michelle from Louisville writes:


I found my niece!

Anne from Milford writes:

Anne Your website made finding my daughter easy! Thank you so much for providing such a great site!

Shaun from Charlotte writes:


I was adopted 34 years ago.  I spent like a day with my Mom.  I finally found my Mom after 34 years.  We look just alike‚ think in the same pattern‚ and almost all of our characteristics are somewhat the same.  I want to thank for helping me in my search.  I feel like I hit the lottery!!

Karen from Fort Worth writes:


I subscribed in October 2007 but was only on line a couple of times. Cleaning up old emails yesterday I ran across this URL. I had a 100% match. My son had an eye infection at birth & was sent home with a prescription with the first 3 letters of my last name on the bottle. Found him!